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Tethered Blackberry on 3G Not Fast Enough for

I have tried every optimization of the 3G signal of Zain or MTN here in Ghana, and I still cannot use skype to call a landline.

Thu, 9 Dec 2010 11:27:53

3G is not fast enough for skypie, I have been using to tether my computer to my BlackBerry with a Verizon global connection. I make sure the cell tower is line of site, I can have a screaming fast packet rate, and still I cannot talk.

When I call a land line, I can hear the other person perfectly, but the words I speak are mumbled.

I have successfully used the 2G and 3G networks to talk computer to computer, and I can talk on Yahoo Messenger computer to computer.

I am waiting, I need 4G.

Andy Graham in Koforidua, Ghana 2010

Tethered Blackberry on 3G Not Fast Enough for