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Using and Verizon: The big question, does the 69.95 unlimited international data plan allow you to use the system?

Can a person pay one fee to Verizon, tether the computer using and have Internet access internationally without an 2 cents per kilobyte fees?

CONNECTED OCTOBER 5, 2010 extended my trial as I was leaving Ivory Coast, it never worked in Ivory Coast on the "Orange" connection. I entered Lome, Togo, which picks up Ghana cell phone signal. I was able to connect with Zain, then switch to Togocell and I have a connection.

Needed to do:

1. (????) Change IP configurations in TCP (???? Maybe this is not needed, I have need to re-install the (setupdrv.exe) program file to get it work. I am using the BlackBerry Bold, 9750 it is newer, maybe a problem with the program.

2. Needed above -80 dbm connection, check "Status" of BlackBerry to find the speed.

3. Bluetooth connection to get the BlackBerry outside the concrete room to increase the dbm from 75 to 90 plus.

I then wrote support and was promptly disconnected from the trial. I then purchased the service for 29.95. They appeared to discount the price when I did not purchase immediately. I DID NOT USE PAYPAL because the system regularly disconnects me outside the USA.

I am connected and using this in Togo on a Verizon Data plan of 65 Dollars globally and using a BlackBerry Bold. November 2010

There is a USB Wireless Modem connection here: It cost 35,000 CFA to purchase about 70 USD and then about one dollars per hour for a connection. They say the speed is 124 so this connection is the same and cost nothing, I hope this saves me about 100 dollars here in Togo, for a net saving of 70 dollars.

I place the BlackBerry out on the porch of the room to get a better connection. I am in Lome, so a powerful connection, I will try to log in and report from worst locations.

In October of 2010, I tried the system with BlackBerry Bold for the seven day trial period in Ivory Coast. There was never a connection that was adequate to surf beyond one page. I wrote support four time and performed all these recommendation in addition to performing many others.

Nothing worked, I did not purchase the 50 Dollar license because my trial ended and support was only answering one time per day, and appeared to be at USA times only.

I am told by my friend Johnny that airline pilots are using successfully, I have yet to meet or know of anyone who has.

October 2010


This is truly the future of such devices. The concurrent advantage and disadvantage of smart phones is that they are small. Good for checking email, not so good for doing any real work. These data phones have to be able to be cheaply connectible to a laptop computer to be fully functional.

Thanks for testing this, will surely return to check on your updates. When I get to a country where WIFI is not as prevalent, I will try the system as well.

Wade in Mexico, Nov. 2010

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