Tether.com and Verizon

Using Tether.com and Verizon: The big question, does the 69.95 unlimited international data plan allow you to use the Tether.com system?

Can a person pay one fee to Verizon, tether the computer using Tether.com and have Internet access internationally without an 2 cents per kilobyte fees?


Tether.com extended my trial as I was leaving Ivory Coast, it never worked in Ivory Coast on the "Orange" connection. I entered Lome, Togo, which picks up Ghana cell phone signal. I was able to connect with Zain, then switch to Togocell and I have a connection.

Needed to do:

1. (????) Change IP configurations in TCP (???? Maybe this is not needed, I have need to re-install the (setupdrv.exe) program file to get it work. I am using the BlackBerry Bold, 9750 it is newer, maybe a problem with the program.

2. Needed above -80 dbm connection, check "Status" of BlackBerry to find the speed.

3. Bluetooth connection to get the BlackBerry outside the concrete room to increase the dbm from 75 to 90 plus.


I then wrote support and was promptly disconnected from the Tether.com trial. I then purchased the service for 29.95. They appeared to discount the price when I did not purchase immediately. I DID NOT USE PAYPAL because the Paypal.com system regularly disconnects me outside the USA.

I am connected and using this in Togo on a Verizon Data plan of 65 Dollars globally and using a BlackBerry Bold. November 2010

There is a USB Wireless Modem connection here: It cost 35,000 CFA to purchase about 70 USD and then about one dollars per hour for a connection. They say the speed is 124 so this connection is the same and cost nothing, I hope this saves me about 100 dollars here in Togo, for a net saving of 70 dollars.

I place the BlackBerry out on the porch of the room to get a better connection. I am in Lome, so a powerful connection, I will try to log in and report from worst locations.

In October of 2010, I tried the Tether.com system with BlackBerry Bold for the seven day trial period in Ivory Coast. There was never a connection that was adequate to surf beyond one page. I wrote support four time and performed all these recommendation in addition to performing many others.

Nothing worked, I did not purchase the 50 Dollar license because my trial ended and support was only answering one time per day, and appeared to be at USA times only.

I am told by my friend Johnny that airline pilots are using successfully, I have yet to meet or know of anyone who has.

October 2010

Mon, 4 Oct 2010 22:43:28

Tether.com TCP - Ip Configurations

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