Reboot Before Using USB Wireless Internet Modem

Rebooting your computer before using your USB Wireless Modem will optimize your chances of a good Internet Connection.

I have a daily conversation with my "Coder" in India using Yahoo Messenger. When writing this post, I was in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa using a MTN WIMAX USB modem for Internet access. I was far away from the central cell tower and there was only one location with direct line-of-site access. To use in Las Palmas Hotel in Grand Bassam I needed to sit in the common area at one table.

To say the least, it was complicated to connect, therefore to optimize my chances, I would first clean the computer using program, we call it "Crap Cleaner." Then I would shut the computer off, while the computer was off, I would insert the UBS WIMAX device or modem into the USB slot. I would then turn on the computer. It is debatable whether on or off is when I should insert the USB device, however I do it when off.

1. I then would allow the computer to complete load while I went to get a cup of coffee.

2. I would shut down all unneeded programs, Google Talk,, etc.

3. With a USB Wireless Modem there is a Control Panel program, that you need to activated, I would activate the program and weight for it to connect.

4. Yahoo Messenger would connect.

5. I run Crap Cleaner again or Disk Cleanup while waiting.

I optimized my chances of having a good conversation, now my Tech understands all the possible problems. If I am making an important call to the USA, the person normally on the other end does not care if I am having a problem, they just hang up.

Thu, 14 Oct 2010 00:08:03

Reboot Before Using USB Wireless Internet Modem

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