Mobile Office Tip Download E-Mail and You Will Never Delete an Important One

Information is valuable, the e-mail address to an important client can be worth a fortune, be savvy, use common sense and keep all e-mails.

Ever lose the phone number of a friend?

What do you do when you need to call someone, maybe you call your wife, oops,
"I am a goofball."

There are some essential business question I pose,
"How long do you feel stupid, before you learn a lesson?"

When you feel stupid, that is the time to search for a system that will stop you from feeling stupid again, or you can be insane, and do the same continually, expecting a different result.

I do not delete e-mails, only the obvious spam, I then download onto my computer, then backup the file to hard drive. I have e-mails that are over 10 years old.

Sometimes I take an hour to find an e-mail, but that is 1000 times better than the odds of finding one delete.

Ask your employees, that executive type with the nice suit a few questions.
"How do you manage deleted e-mails?"

If they work online 100 percent of the time, they can leave them, but if they delete information, they have no respect for the value of information or the value of you company.

Systems, we need systems to stop sloppy thinking people from making bad decisions, and taking an average person and turning them into a champion.

There is a reason I can manage 100 plus web sites from anywhere on the planet, I have systems to manage my time and my life, and they all are easy to perform.

Do not delete e-mails, download them, back them up, store a copy in a different location.


I recommend Foxmail, it fits on a thumbdrive, the program does not connect to your computer, and you can copy and paste data files. Simple is always better than complicated, but who recommends free programs, (Me)


Wed, 9 Nov 2011 09:03:34

Mobile Office Tip Download E-Mail and You Will Never Delete an Important One

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