Mobile Office Gear

Mobile Office Gear - List of Gear carried by a person who lives anywhere, and can work anywhere, then all the other type of Mobile Gear.

Mobile Office Gear Carried by Andy Graham
- HP Hewlett Packard Pavillion Laptop
- Laptop Portable Cooling Pad - Folds Up, runs on USB
- Verizon Wireless HTC Touch Pro II Smartphone
- 4 Extra Smartphone Batteries
- 4 Extra Cell Phone Batteries
- 20 AA Batteries, in small bags that hold 4 Batteries, a coin bag.
- USB Wireless Modem
- Universal Electricity Adapters
- Smartphone's or Smart Phones
- Quad Band Unlocked Cell Phone
- Ethernet Wire
- AA Battery Charger
- Cell Phone Battery Charger
- Extension Cord - 14 Foot
- Light for Reading
- AA Battery Charger
- Headset for - USB Wireless Headset or normal wires.
- Two USB Memory Chips
- USB Extension to put modem in the window
- Light bulb both Screw and Slot Sockets
- Adapter to allow for electrical plug out of a light socket
- Universal 14 Gauge solid copper universal plug
- Plug Splitters
- Plug Ends
- Two 500 GIG External Hard Drives
- Pens that do not Leak Ink
- 3 Children's Pens Bags to hold small things
- Computer / Camera Laptop Bag
- One Dollar Rain Poncho carried in Computer Bag for truly bad rainstorms.
- GPS, but not needed for office, I use to show location on Travel Blog

Need and sometimes buy:
- 2 Foot long Ethernet Cable, maybe 3 for Singapore Airport
- I have solar panels, but left them in a lowered ceiling in a Thailand Hotel

Mobile Office Software
- PC Chron Timer - An alarm clock, timer acts like a Three Minute Timer
- Foxmail
- USB Wireless Modem Software comes on the Chip

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Mobile Office Gear

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