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Andy Graham's Mobile Office Blog 2011 - Perpetual traveler of 13 years explains Mobile Office needs and gear for the location independent lifestyle.

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Strategies for setting up a Mobile Office

NEW!!! Mobile Office 2011 -- The USB Wireless Modem has arrived, and by the end of 2011 I believe you will be able to buy a prepaid SIM modem in most countries on the planet. This will radically change this Mobile Office page and will be concentrating more on how to enter a country, stay on line, purchase a USB Prepaid Modem and never miss a day of work from your Mobile Office.

10 Best Free Apps For Travelers With Smartphone - Mobile Office

For the Mobile Office user, here is the 0 Best Free Apps For Travelers With Smartphone, whether a BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, these are good.

Airtel Mobile Office

Airtel Mobile Office from the fith largest telecom in the world helps a person connect their cell phone to their computer to allow internet access.

Backup Computer

This tutorial outlines a process where you will boot your computer from a USB Flash Drive and backup your Windows Operating System.

Cheap Business Mobile Phones - Mobileoffice

Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads, a collection of people who "MAY BE" Digital Nomads, my rules say they cannot own or rent a home.

Downloading is Faster than Uploading

Mobile Office professionals benefit to know downloading works 3-5 times faster than uploading, this means you can hear on, but cannot talk well.

Emergency Mobile Charger - Mobileoffice

Emergency Mobile Charger - Mobileoffice

Executive Suite

List of benefits of an Executive Suite, this is when a person rents an individual office from a larger suite of offices and some services are provided.

External Battery Chargers For Smartphones

External Battery Chargers For Smartphones is a good idea if you are going to live overseas and run a mobile offices, this could help you during brownouts.

External Laptop Computer Battery Charger

Travelers can benefit by using an External Laptop Computer Battery Charger, one that will charge and extra battery outside the computer.

Find MAC Address

How to find MAC Address a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.

Finding Internet Access in New Country for Mobile Office

How to find proper Internet access in the first 3-5 days in a country, whereby you can stay in business and enjoy your location independent lifestyle.

Free Internet Access Internationally --- I Now Have a Kindle Keyboard 3G

I purchased a Kindle Keyboard 3G to help me bridge through the first 3-7 days in country when I am still not sure how to access local Internet abroad.

Got to stay in Business Systems

What do you call an extra laptop battery, having two internet connections, you call it a got to stay in business system for a mobile office.

How to Backup Photos

Backup Travel Photos. Secure your Photos against Theft, Viruses, Malware

How To Set Up A Mobile Office

How To Set Up A Mobile Office - Mobileoffice

Kindle 3G Review of Internet Access When Leaving USA to Travel Abroad 2011

I am a homeless world traveler, who perpetually wanders the planet: I purchased a Kindle 3G Keyboard to help me have Internet access globally.

Location Independent

Location Independent defined, and explained in the context of how LIP's use Mobile Office skills to work in location independent situations.

Measure Bandwidth Usage and Broadband Speed Test

How to measure Bandwidth Usage and Speed used by internet access.

Mobile Office

Andy Graham's Mobile Office Blog 2011 - Perpetual traveler of 13 years explains Mobile Office needs and gear for the location independent lifestyle.

Mobile Office Gear

Mobile Office Gear - List of Gear carried by a person who lives anywhere, and can work anywhere, then all the other type of Mobile Gear.

Mobile Office Solutions

Mobile Office Solutions - A list of problems and solutions for people who have Mobile Offices.

Mobile Office Tip Download E-Mail and You Will Never Delete an Important One

Information is valuable, the e-mail address to an important client can be worth a fortune, be savvy, use common sense and keep all e-mails.

Reboot Before Using USB Wireless Internet Modem

Rebooting your computer before using your USB Wireless Modem will optimize your chances of a good Internet Connection.

Telecommuting Jobs - Mobileoffice

Telecommuting Jobs - Mobileoffice and Verizon

Using and Verizon: The big question, does the 69.95 unlimited international data plan allow you to use the system?

Tethered Blackberry on 3G Not Fast Enough for

I have tried every optimization of the 3G signal of Zain or MTN here in Ghana, and I still cannot use skype to call a landline.

Uninterruptible Power Supply - Mobileoffice

Upper Hotel Floors are Better for USB Internet Modem

Choosing the proper Hotel or Apartment room is essential to establishing a good Mobile Office that allows the USB Modem for Internet to work.

USB Modem Stick

There are many names, USB Modem Stick, USB Wireless Modem, or USB Wireless Internet Modem, this allows access to the Internet over cell towers.

USB Wireless Internet Modem Cost Per Month

USB Wireless Internet Modem Problems

USB Wireless Internet Modem Problems

USB Wireless Modem

I have used a USB Wireless Modem in over 15 countries, this page explains how to buy, configure, GIG usage needed as a Mobile Office Traveler.

Verizon Blackberry Bold Made Ivory Coast Trip Feasible

Verizon Blackberry Bold made Ivory Coast Trip Feasible because the global e-mail coverage now includes West Africa in 2010.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless effect on a Mobile Traveler, how does this telecom company provide services for the global traveler.

Verizon Wireless Selected World's Best Wireless Service Provider 2010 Global Traveler's Tested Reader Survey Awards

Press Release: Verizon Wireless was Selected World's Best Wireless Service Provider 2010 Global Traveler's Tested Reader Survey Awards.

What Is The Difference Between A Cellphone And Radio Towers

USB Wirless Modems and BlackBerry work better for your Mobile Office when you are closer to a Cellphone tower, and not a the Radio Station.

Why I Carry a Smartphone and Cellphone for World Travel - Mobile Office

International travelers need two phones to save money, maybe a BlackBerry with Verizon Global E-mail options, then buy a local prepaid SIM Card overseas.

Windows Portable Applications USB Software

Here is a list of Portable Applications USB Software that will help you manage your Mobile Office, you can carry your favorite utilities on a USB stick.

Five Major Types of Mobile Offices:
1. Computer Bag Mobile Office - Mobile Office gear carried in a computer bag for short trips inside a city. Maybe the person takes the subway to work, or the person in Starbucks. This normally is semi-mobile and is dependent up on the desk are work and maybe at home.

2. 20 Kilo Bag and Carry On - Mobile Office Gear carried in a 20 Kilo Luggage for airplane travel or Backpacking.
(This page is primarily this category.)

3. Car Mobile Office Gear carried in a car, a good example would be a traveling salesperson that covers a five state territory.

4. Mobile Home or Caravan Mobile Office Gear located in a Caravan or Mobile Home, this person could be going on an extend vacation, a great way to have a mobile office.

5. On Site Trailer Mobile Office Gear located in an trailer put at a site, normally a construction site.

List of USB Modem Requirements for Mobile Office
1. Cell Towers that emits a 3G level data stream.
2. 5-8 Gigs of Transfer
3. Under 75 dollars per month, this is included the Modem.
4. Prepaid, no contract
5. Open to Email Pop and SMTP
6. Able to FTP - File Transfer Protocol

To buy a USB Modem and use, it is best to find the main office of a country, buy their modem, and have their tech staff install and make it work before you leave office to insure continuous up time for Mobile Office.


Mobile Office Defined:
   This is when a person carries the Mobile Gear needed to work, and when traveling to ever changing locations are able to set up and work the same as if they was working out of a permanent company office. These Digital Nomads are usually equipped with a portable computer, smart phones, USB Wireless Modems, battery backups and various equipment and Internet connections that functions internationally. Mobile Office users normally have telephone numbers that can be forwarded seamlessly around the planet without callers knowing they have changed locations, and seamlessly functional Internet access. People who work out of Mobile office normally develop 2-3 ways around problems or services unavailable in a specific country or location.

    Because Mobile Office workers must carry their equipment, mobile office workers push for miniaturization and dual or triple uses for devices. Data is synchronized, and mirrored or backed up in two to three separate locations. They may also use mail forwarding companies that scan and forward normal postal mail to e-mail accounts.

Principles that Define Mobile Office

  1. There is no brick and mortar location on the planet from which the person works, there office is mobile.
  2. The mobile office gear or office equipment must function anywhere on the planet.
  3. The mobile office gear is capable of being moved from location to location.
  4. The person has a job that allows him or her to work separated from a specific building or group of people.
  5. A focus on backup or redundant systems, or as we call it, "We got to stay in business systems."
    - Example: 2-5 laptop batteries, if one stops we have backup.

Global Mobile Office versus Domestic Mobile Office
    In reality, the majority of people have a "Semi-Mobile Office" and use location independent working skills that are used the majority of time domestically. We need to define mobile office skills because gear being used globally is different than gear that works best only in the USA. Example, while a Dell Computer is fine inside the USA, warranty work is difficult internationally.

Transportation decides the type of mobile office warrior you are.
   Mobile Office Gear or Office Equipment changes according to your primary form of transportation, this determines how mobile you are, and the amount of weight and volume you can carry depends on the type of transportation.


Small to Largest Mobile Office

  1. Backpack - normally the Location Independent and the Digital Nomad groups.
  2. Bus
  3. Airplane
  4. Train
  5. Rental car
  6. Private car
  7. Motor home or caravan
  8. Trailer taken to location

Secondary Definition of Mobile Office:
    A mobile office is an office built within a truck, motor home, trailer or purpose built shipping container. Most common Mobile Offices are towable offices built on an axled iron frame for easy relocation. Mobile field offices are often found on construction sites. This is opposite of the location independent group, who look at the person carrying the gear, while the mobile office trailers is about the building.

Testing your Mobile Office skills: If you need to return home, your office has problems.

How am I? Hello, my name is Andy Graham "12 years of perpetual Travel and 88 countries"
     Welcome to my work in process page, this Mobile Office page is updated continuously to explain my Mobile Office as I travel the planet. Please read the "Andy Graham of Hobo Travel Blog" to know the present Mobile situations and problems I am encountering as a world traveler. Managing two large Travel Internet sites I need to work anywhere, necessity has forced me to find Mobile Office solutions. My Mobile Office has given me the freedom to earn money, travel perpetually, and now I am truly a "Digital Nomad," one of the few truly homeless nomads on the planet.

    This mission of this Mobile Office Blog Portal is to discuss, explain and give real examples of methods to communicate from different remote office locations established temporarily using Internet access as the communication conduit.

Andy Graham has the Backpacker Mobile Office
--- Mobile Office Goals - Work Anywhere Goals - Location Independent Goals
- of Andy Graham the
    I wish to be able to enter a country, stay in one location for less than 5 days and perform work from my "Mobile Office." I do not wish to establish long term relations with the Hotels, Internet Providers, or any companies. Mobile Office skills has allowed me to create two large travel sites while working as a Digital Nomad. The sites receives from 7-10,000 Unique Visitors per day. The goal is to be as efficient working from a Mobile Office worker in temporary locations as a person who works from permanent locations.

1. Mobile Office Anywhere, any country, location independent.
2. Mobile Office set up fully functional mobile office in 1-3 days
3. No contracts
4. No rental of rooms for longer than one month.
5. Internet in my room 24 hours per day.
6. Able to receive and call by, Magic Jack, or Vonage.
7. Able to receive mail from clients, and process without returning to a location.
8. Deposit Checks or process payments to Bank Account.

Note... I am a TRAVELER, therefore I TRAVEL Blog

     I am trying to discover the best Mobile Office countries or locations around the planet where I can work on my website or do research easily. Each country has a different bundle of available services, therefore some countries are better than others. I will try to explain the best combinations of services needed and then prioritize which countries provide these services This Mobile Office is with zero long-term commitments, you do not sign up for Internet access, you do not rent an apartment, there is nothing installed in your room that requires a contract. Please think and be clear here, if you have to pay monthly this is not mobile, it is living in the country which makes working easier, but not worldwide mobile. The longest commitment made is for one month, if I am making a longer commitment I would not be a "Mobile Householder."

     This mobile office is best when on-line and working the same day you enter the country Note, I am guessing of the people who really leave the country, only about 1 in 500 is capable of working and traveling, most get waylaid by drinking, drugs and women, or cannot stop being a tourist. I am a tourist no more than two hours per day, and almost never for the whole day.


BGAN Satellite Internet Access

Internet Access by Satellite in Maredi, Niger West Africa being used by Doctors Without Borders."

Backpacker or Location Independent Mobile Office Budget:
     20 U.S. Dollars per day including room and Internet. 600 U.S. per month - This is for a person who earns a 40,000 Salary per year or less

Budget Items for Mobile Office capable of Exploding
1. Allowing a USA number to forward to foreign country.
2. Roaming with a Blackberry and receiving calls.
3. Calling on without knowing the rate.
4. Paying AC for a room on a meter system or paying utilities in a apartments.

Room Description of Mobile Office Household
     - A private room that includes 24 hour per day high speed Internet. The USA, Europe, Australia, and the highly developed world may have hotel rooms for 50-100 Dollar per day, however this means that a person is paying 1500 dollars per month to have an office, this is a burden and financially unstable for a person who earns 40,000 or less.

Earnings needed to support a Mobile Office that it is Location Independent
5 dollar room requires you earn 10,000 per year (Note, I lived on this amount of five years when starting to travel.)
10 dollar room requires you earn 20,000 per year
20 dollar room requites you earn 40,000 per year.
40 dollar room requires you earn 80,000 per year.
60 dollar room requires you earn 120,000 per year.
80 dollar room requires you earn 160,000 per year.
100 - 200,000 per year
150 - 300,000 per year

Solar 12 Battery 12 Volt System in Uganda

12 AA Solar Battery Charger I tried to use in Uganda, there was no diode, and it drained the Verizon Blackberry Smart phone.

3 Way Internet - BEST OPTION - Ideal Mobile Office is a Hotel with 24 Hour Internet Access served by WIFI Router inside my Hotel Room.
Need --- With - Backup of USB Wireless Internet Modem
Need --- With - Backup of Smartphone with Verizon or Vodafone Global Email
Want --- 24 Hour Internet Cafe

  1. Small Hotel less than 20 Rooms, therefore it will be quiet.
  2. When I walk into the Hotel I want to see the children of the owner working or playing on the Internet. If they are playing, then I feel safe the Internet access will always be working, the owner will need to keep them happy and the Internet working and I benefit by and can operate my mobile office.
  3. I want the location of the WIFI router in the open and available to me, so I can reset or turn on if needed.
  4. You need to be able to see the WIFI Router from the window of your room.

2 Way Internet - SECOND BEST OPTION - This uses a USB Wireless Modem for Internet access. -- USB Wireless Modem Internet Access
Need --- With - Backup of Smartphone with Verizon or Vodafone Global Email
Want --- 24 Hour Internet Cafe - Note the USA seldom has the Internet Cafe.

    I believe by the end of 2011 this will be in 90 percent of the countries on the planet. This will allow you to rent an incredibly cheaper room, but have a signal that is not as stable. This allows the five dollar per day Hotel room with ease.
- Normal cost should be less than 50 dollars per month for about 5-8 Gigs of Transfer on a pre-paid account, and it will cost about 10 Dollars for the modem.

1 Way Internet - THIRD BEST OPTION - Smartphone with Verizon or Vodafone Global Email
Need - Internet Cafe - Best to have a 24 -Hour Internet Cafe
0 Way Internet --- FOURTH BEST OPTION - Internet Cafe

Finding a Mobile Office Hotel Strategy:
1. Reservation for first night, then find apartment.
2. Reservation for first night, then find cheaper room.
3. for 1-3 nights, then find a room.
4. will eventually be populated as you help enter Mobile Office Hotels.

Mobile Office Computer
Buying a laptop for a Mobile Office needs to be coordinated as one purchase with other electronics.


Computer I Recommend for World Travel

  1. Hewlett Packard is number one, second is Acer, and third is Sony. These are they only computer brands that are even in my consideration, and the Mac is a 100 percent no go. Hewlett Packard or Compaq is the only brand that has worldwide repair, Acer and Sony will soon. Do not buy Dell.
  2. Cost less than 1000 Dollars, unless you are buying one you can drop on the floor made for jungle or construction sites.
  3. Web Cam attached to computer screen

Need to purchase when you buy the Computer

  1. 2-5 Computer Batteries
  2. 2-5 Off computer chargers so you can charge batteries when not in the computer. Generally in the worst possible electrical situation there will be electricity by generator for one hour. You need to be able to charge all batteries during this hour.
  3. AC / DC Auto Lighter Charger
  4. Under computer cooling pad, not absolutely necessary, but is good to have.
  5. 2-5 500 External Hard Drives
  6. USB extra jack splitter

Desk in Hotel Room for Mobile Office:
1. Need Chair
2. Using a table as a desk
3. Dangers of having Computer on Floor

     The world is not awake at the same time, the majority of people have some form of business relationship that requires one side of a telephone caller to adapt. For example, I am presently in Guatemala, I can chat on Yahoo messenger easily at 6:00 am in the morning with my India coder, after about 8:00 am I risk he wants to go to bed because it is late at night. To continue to do business you may think about traveling at first only directly south of your home country in the same time zone, so you can call, think, adapt to living outside your country before you try to learn to be truly mobile.

     I would recommend or Yahoo Mail, the Yahoo messenger works better on slow connections for both email and chat, however both have now use an Ajax system that causes problems. You need to learn how to not use Ajax when you have a bad connection.

Verizon Touchpro II

    I recommend American Citizens to use a Verizon Smartphone, with the Global E-mail options, this allows you to visit 220 countries seamlessly. The keyboard option allow you to move around on the Smartphone easiest. The Cell Phone number can follow you also if you wish, a person calls a USA telephone number and it forwards to where you are internationally.

    It is 65 Dollars per month for the Global E-mail, and the phone calls are on a pay as you go basis so can be expensive. ATT as I understand, only does about 90 countries, you are buying the access more than the type or brand of Smartphone if you want to have a Mobile Office anywhere.

    I check e-mails, clean, delete and small replies, then use my USB Wireless Modem for Internet access to write longer e-mails. It connects to my computer with Bluetooth, if I wish, I can transfer a word file and send through the phone. I can post Blogs and Publish photos to my server using just the Verizon Smart Phone.

Verizon Global E-Mail International Coverage

Mobile Office Telephone Calls

Receiving Calls at Mobile Office, Magic Jack, and I believe Vonage will give you a USA based telephone number, this number can be answered on your computer Internet connection. Then forwarded to a local cell phone number (SIM) you purchase in the country.

Making Calls from Mobile Office
     I use or calling system, I now have accounts with both which will automatically refill my account. They will auto ex trace money from my account or other accounts as needed, I found that sometimes they block in countries however they leave open because many people are using e-mail and Yahoo messenger.

    There are times when I purchase a telephone card that allows me to make calls cheaper using the local cell phone in the country I am located.

Flashing or Beeping to get Call-Back
    A friend calls my and hangs up, I call back.
This happens a lot with cell phones when the one person no has an pre-paid SIM.

Receiving Money at Mobile Office
    I use to pay my normal on-line bills if possible, this limits the number of companies that have my credit card or debit card.


    Generator I purchased in Lome, Togo for 80 U.S. Dollars for the Room I rented, I suspect I wanted more for to power the fan.

    I have a couple of reoccurring bills, the Hosting of this web site with, and for Domains. Normally I use my "Debit Card" and connect it to the accounts, this is not a "Credit Card." I do not want the ability to have unlimited amounts of money deducted.

     The bank I presently use is called and is located in Indiana, this on-line banking system allows me to create a payee and have the checks sent from the bank to the person or company. This only works for payments inside the USA.

    Web pages can know where you are located, therefore if you access a Bank in the USA from a country like Nigeria, it may stop you.
GeoCoding On Wiki

    A bank may require you to know the answers to all secret questions, and recognize photos or other ways of stopping theft. will lock you out in seconds, truly an annoying company. has become my money transfer site of choice.

Solution to IP recognition by Internet Pages
VPN or Virtual Private Network, you have a 24/7 computer in the USA and access to run that computer as if you was there.

    I would recommend to send and receive faxes, I can compose a mail and send right from my email account, yet sometimes I have to search for a fax, I may go to a five star hotel to use their business center.

Cellular Fax Machines - It is possible to buy 12 Volt Cellular Fax machines if you have need for immediate paper copies.

    Using Fax Number of Local Business - If you want, many businesses will receive faxes for you, and I do this 90 percent of the time.

Portable Printers - Generally, I walk into the nearest Internet Cafe or work with the Business Center at a Five Star Hotel, you do not necessarily live there to use the services.

Mobile Office Mail - Receiving Normal Postal Mail
     Need to read, no need to have originals. There are many "Mail Forwarding," companies. This is a dangerous operation, if you need the originals, then the only source of knowledge on this is in the shipping or sailboat community. Is you are searching for a company that scans posted mail, then emails the letters on to you, search in for "Mail Forwarding."

    This company is being used by a friend, not sure yet how this pans out:

    ATM Bank Cards, presently before you leave your country, you need to establish a personal relationship with a bank officer, to have all cards ATM Cards FedEx to your overseas location. Please renew your ATM card at least 3-6 months prior to expiration and try to carry two cards from separate system. Example: Cirrus and Plus

Credit Cards - Carrying credit cards that allow unlimited access can mean you are robbed unlimited, yes you can solve these problems when you go home, but the plan is to not go home. Best to use the ATM, and keep it in the room, then take money out once per week, note, if you want to live in a room for more than 10-20 dollars per night, you are going to have 100's of problems.

    I have a quad-band cell phone, unlocked and buy a SIM or CHIP in any country I enter for a Prepaid Account. This phone is become obsolete, a person can now buy phones in continents for as little as 20 dollars. The blue-tooth control of my contact list on the telephone makes it worth me having the Quad Band unlocked telephone of my own.

Battery Charger

    I cut the cord and shortened on this AA Battery Charger by Sony to be lighter.

Address Book or Contacts
1. The cell phone is NOT my location for addresses.
2. All my telephone numbers are on, in the event I was robbed, I could walk into any Internet café on the planet and call for help.
3. E-mail Address - I have two, one on and the second as part of Formail, a Chinese based E-mail client.

Electricity 220-110
    Normally the chargers for computers, cell phones, Smartphone and other electronics are both 220 and 110. Try to read the labels on the charger, this will allow you to relax and understand you are safe. Note, that items like blow dryers and coffee pots are items that will have trouble.

Battery Problems

  1. Low voltage or high voltage will make batteries fail.
  2. Using an electrical socket that is being shared with a fan or air conditioner can burn up batteries or 220-110 converters.
  3. Losing batteries, if you lose a Mac or off brand Smartphone battery, you will have trouble buying overseas. Hewlett Packard and Blackberry are the easy brands to buy. Acer, Sony are becoming international players, Nokia is the most common cell phone on the planet. All other brands are problem children, and especially a Mac product.

Three Electronic Battery Chargers
     If you buy extra batteries you can stay working when there is an electricity brown out, or generator electrify or off the grid.

  1. External Battery Chargers for Cell Phones
  2. External Battery Chargers for Smartphone's
  3. External Battery Chargers for Computer Batteries

Battery Conservation Travel Tips
     The people of the world have electricity, with the widespread cell phone coverage even when people do not have house electricity, they still need to charge their cell phones. In African people who live in the countryside come into the village and pay 25 cents USD to have their cell phones charged. If you live in the same village, you will have electricity at least 12 hours per day, the worst situation are on Island where they turn on the electrical generator from Sunset until about 10 pm. In this time, you need to be able to charge all your batteries and you need to work at the same time.

  1. Turn lighting of laptop of computer screen to lower level.
  2. Read books on Smartphone when off the electrical grid.
  3. Read books on Computer PDF files when you have electricity in your room.
  4. Read paper books if you can buy, their are many French colonies where English books is hard to find, I highly recommend you stockpile e-books in your native language.

Computer Black Box

     This is the computer part that is most like to fail --- this is different than break, people break USB and Male Electrical Plugs that enter the machine, and also destroy screens by dropping. The common mistake is to drink beer next to computer keyboard and fry the motherboard.

Filing E-mails - PDF Files - Reservations - Contracts
1. Generally e-mails stay in a folder "Already-Read." in
2. Receipts stay on line in a folder called Receipts.
3. Reservations go into a folder called "Reservations," if possible, I will print off into a PDF file that goes on my Thumb drive Memory Device in a folder called Reservations, and sometimes receipts.
4. Copy and Paste Frontpage a WYSIWYG Editor by Microsoft. I will paste the page into this and trying to get all the logos and other data to show of reservations. I unfortunately have to fake onward tickets for many countries, and this helps. Otherwise I have a travel agent send me, but I have a file full of faked e-tickets, and e-mails.
5. Contracts - If I enter into a contract, I make an on line folder in Yahoo and save the contract to the folder. I do NOT just put on my computer, if this is stolen, I do not have a contract. I want on line for future needs.
6. Downloading emails and not remove, I will try to download these e-mail folders and not remove from the server to my fox mail client, so I can do other things. My main filing cabinet is on the Internet.
7. Main Filing is done to the Yahoo Folders.
8. I never delete high level priority emails.
9. Note, if you have many contracts, I am not sure what do I think you should pay a CPA to manage this, and get the license of the CPA to take precedence over the liability.

Travel Reading Light

Bad Eyes or the Need for Glasses Problem
     I wear reading glasses, this requires my computer screen be approximately 24 inches from the computer screen or Smartphone. I can only use these glasses for reading, I cannot walk around with them and see. The modern electronics are designed for people with extremely good eyesight. The better the light, the better I am able to read without my glasses, in direct sunlight I do not need glasses. Here are some Travel Tips to help you read better.

  1. Carry a clip on reading light.

Time Zones
    Working in Central or South America will make telephone calls to the USA easier.
Working in Africa will allow you to make telephone calls to Europe Cheaper.
Thailand is often exactly 12 hours different than USA cities.

Receipts Digital for Expense - When the come into my email box, I move into a folder I made called receipts.

Receipts Paper for Expenses - Difficult, and more difficult, I write notes on all receipts and put in an envelope, then hope the secretary or accountant can read. It is highly, extremely dangerous to use a credit card overseas outside the five star network made for business travelers. You need to keep receipts, extract money with ATM at the bank, and not use credit cards.

WIFI - WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Searching on or for WIFI in a Hotel, Tourist Rooms, etc.
- Note, we have a site called that requires owners to say, yes or no to having WIFI in the hotel. please add the good hotels under 20 Dollars per day, or less than 300 per month that you recommend for a mobile office.

Search for WIFI words on
When you are searching for WIFI here are some suggested words to use:

- Wireless Internet
Example: Search on for: New Orleans Hotel WIFI or New Orleans Hostel Wireless Internet

Spanish: Inalámbrica
Example: Search on for: Panajachel inalámbrica Posada

French: WIFI Internet sans fil dans l'hotel

Set Up Google Alerts - On September 5, 2011 I go to Abijan, Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), I want to live a month in the Grand Bassam.
- Alerts
Grand Bassam WIFI Internet sans fil dans l'hotel
cote d'ivoire Abidjan Grand Bassam WIFI Internet sans fil dans l'hotel

Need to jump WIFI -Wireless Hotel to Hotel - Google Search before you leave
     Although, I am trying to make this easy for you, realize there is not enough hotels on the planet in the year 2008 to do this easy. You cannot leave your present hotel until you have already searched for WIFI ready hotels in the next country.

WIFI Detectors
     Best WIFI detector is a Blackberry with WIFI, or enabled palm computers, or PDA, any device that actually allows you to test the connection, not just find it, many connection say open, and are not. Canary small WIFI detector that tells you secure or insecure, but do not trust the report, cheaper, but not really going to finish the job. Test a connection in your mobile household room before you rent the room, and ask, "Do you leave it on 24 hours per day?"

DNS Numbers
90 percent of the owners have no idea of this problem.
Random and no way to know, but you must have the correct number for your computer prior, you cannot get them when offline, - Need to load a DNS number,

Preferred DNS server address for Open DNS is:
Alternate DNS server address for Open DNS is:

208 67 222 222
208 67 220 220


  1. Concrete wall stops connection, in the majority of room a person needs to find a room no more than 50 feet or about 20 meters from the WIFI box.
  2. Internet Providers go down for maintenance between 6:00 am and 7:00 am.
  3. Speed drops to nothing because the signal is shared by too many people in the Hotel or Apartment
  4. The WIFI needs a specific set of IP numbers
  5. Internet is down for maintenance daily in morning for about one hour.
  6. IP Conflict in Pucallpa, I needed to change the last number up about 8 from 1.
  7. Internet is overloaded with people sharing one connection.
  8. The manager, owners, children constantly download music and rob all the bandwidth.
  9. Owner shuts off when he or she is not using
  10. Owner shuts off at night
  11. Electricity goes off in hotels and breaks connections, the wireless router needs reset
  12. Internet Goes off in the morning at 6:45 in the city of Antigua when they are doing maintenance.
  13. Dial Up and not DSL and the line is slow, test is by making call on in early morning.
  14. The location of router allow people to bump and break connections.
  15. Staff does not keep it running
  16. Staff does not know they have WIFI - Wireless Internet
  17. Staff of hotel was cleaning the Internet center in the Hotel and moved the wires, Hostal Arequipa, Pucallpa, Peru January 2009.
  18. They change the key or password to WIFI router and do not tell you the new one
  19. Key use is a problem, they password or key is not known by all the staff, only one person knows it.
  20. Need to load a DNS number,
  21. The Wireless box is not in the open, there is no way to go and reset it by unplugging from electricity and plugging because in a inaccessible location like the managers office or owners room.
  22. A person is using and it robbed all the signal.
  23. A person is using and it robbed all the signal.
  24. A person is downloading music or program and is robbing all the signal.
  25. The computer connected to the farthest router and was too low of connection to work.
  26. The hotel I am in as of July 2008 was the K.S. House in Bangkok, the hotel has four routers on each floor, and I can pick up more than one. I realized the signal was too low, I went and reset the routers on my floor, it appears I was picking up the signal from the floor below, and the distance and concrete was too much.
  27. If for some reason you needed a key, then later they remove it from the router, you must also remove the key from your computer.
  28. Accidentally flipped the switch for WFI on my computer, I thought the system went down, it was my computer. January 2009 in the Hostal Arequipa in Pucallpa, Peru.
  29. The land line connected to he Internet box, when the owner picks up the phone it disconnected - Panajachel - Guatemala
  30. They put in a relay box for the WIFI and the signal breaks sometimes, not often. Lima Peru in Pretty House Hostel.
  31. WIFI in Internet café does not allow you to check. There were two ways to connect in an Awasa, Ethiopia Internet café. WIFI and normal machines, because all the computers had password connection, I was not able to check to even see if there was a connection to diagnosis the problem, whether the WIFI router or the connection.

Try this if you have WIFI Problems
- I needed to open my door in Antigua, Guatemala, I needed to open the balcony door in Lima, Peru.
- Right click on the small computer, and click repair to reset IP address.
- Copy TCP address from the base computer, and change the top last number a few higher.
- Check the computer WIFI has connected to the nearest connection or strongest.

USB Wireless Modem Internet Access - USB Wireless Modem Internet Access
     This is the new wonder child for the people who want a remote office, or location independent mobile office. This is hot, I can use this in the best room, the Mom and Pop hotel, family and work from my room. I am independent of the land lines, I use the cell phone signal for Internet access. This is propagating around the planet right now, I believe by the end of 2010, it will the standard.

USB Wireless Modem Internet Access
     I went into an Internet Café in Siaya, Kenya and he gave me this USB Wireless Modem to install on my computer.

USB Wireless Modem Problems

Problems and Solutions when using USB Wireless Modem Internet Access

Problem: Signal is not five bars.
1. Buy a USB Extension cord long enough to hang the cord in the window.
2. Make sure you are close to a window or open the door.
3. Line of sight with the cell phone tower.

Problem: Signal breaks
1. Safely Remove the USB Wireless Internet Modem, reboot program, and plug in again.
2. Reboot the computer.
3. Run Disk Cleanup to free up temporary or cache space.
I run almost every 20 minutes, this is Crap Cleaner.

Possible Problems
1. USB Wireless Modem goes into sleep mode
2. Bad USB Port
3. Driver Problems, remove program and reinstall.


- If you plug or unplug into the same extension cord as the computer and disrupt electricity, the Internet signal can break.

Verizon USB Wireless Access Manager

Verizon USB Wireless Internet Access Manager - I was using a Verizon Bold Tethered to my HP Computer to have Broadband Internet access in the USA.

- Pre-paid card, not a contract
- GPRS set up by an OFFICE - I go to an office in the country, hand them my computer, my cell phone and they set up.
- One time set up and less than 30 dollars per month to have a connection that cost less than one dollar per hour.
- Free Incoming Cell phone calls.
- Close to Cell Phone Office and recharge
- Country codes
- Telephone to leave the country?
- What time is it?
- Less than one dollar per hour
- GPRS - EDGE etc, whatever the terms, I would connect my computer to a cell phone with Bluetooth.
Cost of this service should be less than 60 US Dollars per month and unlimited connection.
Must be with a pre-paid card, and not require a contract.

I test all connections, whether WIFI, USB Wireless Modem, or GPRS, the test is simple, I use the Internet Access to make a telephone call, if the bandwidth is high enough, I am satisfied.

- Pop and SMTP is open to receive or send, so I can send and receive using any pop, I use Mail.
- FTP is open, I can File Transfer Protocol to my Internet server or host of my website
- Skype connects for chat because it has enough bandwidth.
- Speed is fast enough to use - This is the test of Internet Access
- Yahoo Messenger works
- Google Talk works
- The Internet world does not block a service, for example, one time did not work in Cambodia.
- 24 hour Internet café that allows me to connect my computer

- Ethernet Wire to connect laptop
- Laptop connection
- Good chairs
- Less than one dollar per hour
- 24 Hour Internet café that allows me to connect my laptop walking distance to a Hotel that is less than 20 dollars per night.

The best connection is when the owner and the family is on the Internet playing all day, this will guarantee they keep the connection functioning.

- 24 Hours managed by a Mom and Pop, with their children demanding it is working.
- WIFI is tested and known to be 24 hours free and need to know the room number that work.
- Ethernet Line into the room.
- Electricity stable, or good generator backup, with the Wireless Modem access remains for an hour with the computer battery.
- Staff to keep the Internet running


- Internet Page with all the numbers

By the end of 2011 I believe the world will be covered with USB Wireless Modem Internet Access.

Five Star -BUNDLE ONE - Best
1. USB Wireless Modem with Internet Access
2. ETHERNET in hotel room or when not an Ethernet wire there is WIFI Wireless router access.
3. Router is available to reboot.

Four Star - BUNDLE TWO - 2nd Best
1. GPRS - Cell phone connection that is not high speed, however country wide.
2. ETHERNET in hotel room or when not an Ethernet wire there is WIFI Wireless router access.
3. Router is available to reboot.

Three Star -BUNDLE THREE - 3rd Best
Same, but we lose Internet Access by using the Cell Phone Towers
2. It is common to find WIFI ROOMS major cities of country
3/ ETHERNET in hotel room or when not an Ethernet wire there is WIFI Wireless router access.

Two Star - BUNDLE FOUR - 4th Best
NOT Common to find WIFI ROOMS major cities of country, maybe 24-Hour Internet Access

One Star - BUNDLE FIVE - 5th Best or the Worst
Internet Café open from 8 am to 8 pm - 800 to

COUNTRY LOCATIONS - Best to Worst country

These countries are switching to USB Wireless Modems for Internet fast, by the end of 2011 the world may be covered.


This country has USB Wireless Modem Internet Access with Tigo

Antigua Guatemala
Live in the Don Quijote Hotel and they have free WIFI it works better on second floor close to router. Password 4545755CED as of May 2008 No DNS needed - Automatic.

Panajachel Guatemala - Lago Atitlan

1. Hotel Posada Don Carlos 10 U.S. per night, with WIFI 24 hours in room, very good.

2. Hotel El Amigo 150 USD per month, with High Speed in two room.

Rio Dulce, Guatemala

1. La Fonda Escondida - 24 Hour - Room rented for 2000 Quetzals per month with WIFI inside the room. AC, TV, Cable

This country has USB Wireless Modem Internet Access with Tigo same as Guatemala, the same Modem with work.


THAILAND - 4 -Star Country because of GPRS

1. Khao San Road

WIFI in Room:
- Erawan House - 750 Baht to 850
- Erawan House Hotel Two 750 Baht
- Centre Point on Khao San Road 650 Baht
- K.S. House across from Pizza Hut, 150 Baht and up, the cheapest by a long shot.
Cozy House has WIFI now also

Printing can be done at the Erawan House Internet Café open 24 hours.. Khao area there is a 24 hour Internet café in front of the Erawan House Hotel, that will allow you to connect your computer for 50 Baht, about one dollars per hour,. It is located behind the Wat or Temple on the small road that leads away from Khao San Road and the path to the Peachy Guest house. The Erawan House has WIFI, the cost including the WIFI is from 850 to 950 Baht per day, only rooms First choice 309, second choice 308 and 301 last, they should work, but please check. (850 is 22 US Dollars)

- GPRS Cell Phone Connection with
How to buy GPRS connection in Thailand
The company that sells:
I have a mobile access although slow. 120 hours cost me 850 Baht to set up. 200 for taxi, 350 for Internet and 300 for SIM card. To reactivate the SIM card to GPRS, call 1175 on a the AIS Mobile Phone.


Dominican Republic

Sosua - I stayed at Freddy above the Auto Rental place, a room goes from 240 - 300 per month USD.
Ethernet wire in the room, and Skype works most of the day.

PHILIPPINES - Manila- Malate Area - 3-Star Country

Duck Inn has great WIFI in the room, at 1300 Pesos per night
42d0C191e8 is code, an excellent choice for the money, very professional, secure, coded cash box in room.
Ermita, Manila

- Station 168 24 Hour Internet Café
- Live in Adriatico Pensione or Yasmin Apartelle Stonehouse- 15 US Dollars per night.

MAILBOX Possible here in Manila

Boracay - Orchid Resort in low season supposed to work, there is a high season, middle and low season, at high season it could be too expensive. June and July is low season.


Lima, Peru
Pretty House Hostel in neighborhood of Jesus Maria, 25 Soles from Airport in a Taxi.

Cusco Peru
Qorichaska Hostel on Nueva Alta, room 26 for 30 Soles or downstairs some with shower for 40, solid connection and works with Hot Shower

Iquitos Peru
High Speed, 24 hour, a person can use in rooms of Bill Grimes who owns boats:
300-350 US. Per month Private Room, Hot Shower, WIFI, Color TV with Cable.

Pucallpa, Peru
Hostal Arequipa, fantastic SKYPE ready to fly signal, every IP number needs to be got from the desk and they really do not understand. Make sure you change from 141 to 147 of a larger number. 50 Soles for single, hot water, TV, fan or about 15 U.S. per night.

ISRAEL - Jerusalem - 3- Star Country

Live in the Al Fasal Hotel and they have a free Ethernet wire inside the room, the room is less than 10 US Dollars per night.

NEPAL - 3 Star Country because of GPRS

    Mero Mobile will set you up with a connection to the Internet for most of the country of Nepal for about 30 US dollars per month. Blog Post. The cost is 500 Rupees for SIM, then 1700 Rupees for unlimited calendar month access.


-Frankfurt Germany
- Kings Crossing in London
- Istanbul Turkey
- Casablanca, Morocco - This is really Africa.

Kathmandu - Mero has GPRS and good price, about 20 dollars per month
- Mumbai
- Goa

- Singapore - International Airport has in the international zone - Free connection to Internet, need a J-12 Cable.
- Hong Kong
- Bangkok - Have (Best)
- Manila - Philippines Have - Price of rooms is about 25 dollars and getting high.

Contract is probably needed. USA has some type of edge technology that you can put a card in your computer and have access anywhere in the country. I think offered by Sprint

- Jerusalem has Ethernet in a room

- Casablanca, Morocco
- Ghana, Accra -- MTN or Vodofone USB Wireless Modems
- Cote d'Ioive Abidjan
- Ethiopia, Addis, Abba

Search Terms that are Similar to Mobile Office - If you use these terms to search this will help you find more information.
- Digital Nomad
- Work Anywhere
- Flexible Jobs
- Home Working
- Teleworking
- Telecommuting
- Location Independent
- Virtual Business Lifestyle
- Virtual office
- Secure Virtual Office
- Executive suite

Mobile Office Gear
- HP Hewlett Packard Pavillion Laptop
- Laptop Portable Cooling Pad - Folds Up, runs on USB
- Verizon Wireless HTC Touch Pro II Smartphone
- 4 Extra Smartphone Batteries
- 4 Extra Cell Phone Batteries
- 20 AA Batteries, in small bags that hold 4 Batteries, a coin bag.
- USB Wireless Modem
- Universal Electricity Adapters
- Smartphone's or Smart Phones
- Quad Band Unlocked Cell Phone
- Ethernet Wire
- AA Battery Charger
- Cell Phone Battery Charger
- Extension Cord - 14 Foot
- Light for Reading
- AA Battery Charger
- Headset for - USB Wireless Headset or normal wires.
- Two USB Memory Chips
- USB Extension to put modem in the window
- Light bulb both Screw and Slot Sockets
- Adapter to allow for electrical plug out of a light socket
- Universal 14 Gauge solid copper universal plug
- Plug Splitters
- Plug Ends
- Two 500 GIG External Hard Drives
- Pens that do not Leak Ink
- 3 Children's Pens Bags to hold small things
- Computer / Camera Laptop Bag
- One Dollar Rain Poncho carried in Computer Bag for truly bad rainstorms.
- GPS, but not needed for office, I use to show location on Travel Blog

Need and sometimes buy:
- 2 Foot long Ethernet Cable, maybe 3 for Singapore Airport
- I have solar panels, but left them in a lowered ceiling in a Thailand Hotel

Mobile Gear Needed of Wanted
- I need a wireless headset that can be used connected to the electricity so when the battery is low, I can still talk.
- Cell phone Battery Charger that is charges five batteries at one time, I need the same for Smartphone. I would assume they could be used for 220 or 110 electricity.

Mobile Gear - I do not use this gear
- Bluetooth Wireless Headset, I purchased one and realized it would not work if the battery went dead. I am not able to toggle easily between Bluetooth and external so this would cause many problems for telephone calls.

Mobile Office Software
- PC Chron Timer - An alarm clock, timer acts like a Three Minute Timer
- Foxmail
- USB Wireless Modem Software comes on the Chip

Accounts with Debit Card Attached for Payment
- Yahoo Telephone

Mobile Office Construction Trailers
This will be discussed as time goes by.

Questions for Andy
Post a comment below, and they will be answered or click on Contact to write a personal email. Using cell phone as modem

BORG - Bring into the Hive
Letting the phone ring for long enough to answer
How to not have the phone bumped and ring.
The phone is made for kids.
You need breast pocket for Smartphone
Smartphone need to be hung around neck.
Smartphone needs a loop
A person with a Mobile Office works better with an assistant.
A person must find the next Mobile Office when they have Internet access, then cannot wait until they wireless phone nokia cellular portable wap mobility gsm mobil mobiles phone's
nokia's cellular's
Lanyard or tie the phone to neck
If you rent a room for 100 dollars and it does not work.

Got to stay in business skills Backups and Redundancies

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Map of steps for setting up a Mobile Office?
BGAN Satellite Internet Access
Do not put this in and out of the computer much, the inside part will stretch and not connect properly.
This electrical box will burn up if you connect to same plug as Air Conditioner or Hot Plate or something that uses a lot of power.
Travel Reading Light
Verizon USB Wireless Modem for Internet Access
Mobile Office

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