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Got to stay in Business Systems

What do you call an extra laptop battery, having two internet connections, you call it a got to stay in business system for a mobile office.

Tue, 8 Feb 2011 01:03:18

I asked Mike in Mumbai, India what he called backup systems, he said,
"I have Vonage because went down for seven days a couple of years ago, and last year for two days."
"I call these got to stay in business systems."

Backup or Redundant Systems for Mobile Office:

  1. When the laptop breaks, maybe I can use HT Touch pad, when that breaks maybe I use a Smart phone.
  2. One battery goes bad, I have 2-3 extra Laptop Batteries.
  3. 2-3 Cell phone Batteries
  4. Cell Phone camera to backup my Canon Camera.
  5. I have an extra headset for, it is not always possible to buy a small headset in all countries.
  6. I publish all my photos to server, and backup on my computer hard drive.
  7. I have a external hard drive that backs up my computer hard drive.
  8. I backup my thumb drive memory onto my computer.
  9. I have a copper wire that I use for a universal electrical plug converter. If I change countries, and I have not yet purchased a converter, I use it.

  10. USB Wireless Modem for Internet recharge or you prepaid cell phone,
    Extra Load

    By keeping an unused load for credit in my pocket, I am always insured I have credit to load onto my USB Wireless Modem or my Cell Phone. I then can buy my backup card when I go out again. You could be making a phone call at midnight in Thailand, that is noon in New York, the time runs out and you cannot not call the important business person back.
Extra scratch and load SIM card or Cell Phone Recharge cards. If you keep a couple extra in your pocket, it is not possible to run out credit. I you load them all on your USB or into the cell phone, you may be trying to buy a load at midnight and miss an important call Prepaid Cell Phone Cards.
HP Touchpad is maybe part of a Got To Stay in Business Systems
Got to Stay in Business Systems