Got to stay in Business Systems

What do you call an extra laptop battery, having two internet connections, you call it a got to stay in business system for a mobile office.

I asked Mike in Mumbai, India what he called backup systems, he said,
"I have Vonage because went down for seven days a couple of years ago, and last year for two days."
"I call these got to stay in business systems."

Backup or Redundant Systems for Mobile Office:

  1. When the laptop breaks, maybe I can use HT Touch pad, when that breaks maybe I use a Smart phone.
  2. One battery goes bad, I have 2-3 extra Laptop Batteries.
  3. 2-3 Cell phone Batteries
  4. Cell Phone camera to backup my Canon Camera.
  5. I have an extra headset for, it is not always possible to buy a small headset in all countries.
  6. I publish all my photos to server, and backup on my computer hard drive.
  7. I have a external hard drive that backs up my computer hard drive.
  8. I backup my thumb drive memory onto my computer.
  9. I have a copper wire that I use for a universal electrical plug converter. If I change countries, and I have not yet purchased a converter, I use it.

  10. USB Wireless Modem for Internet recharge or you prepaid cell phone,
    Extra Load

    By keeping an unused load for credit in my pocket, I am always insured I have credit to load onto my USB Wireless Modem or my Cell Phone. I then can buy my backup card when I go out again. You could be making a phone call at midnight in Thailand, that is noon in New York, the time runs out and you cannot not call the important business person back.

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