Free Internet Access Internationally --- I Now Have a Kindle Keyboard 3G

I purchased a Kindle Keyboard 3G to help me bridge through the first 3-7 days in country when I am still not sure how to access local Internet abroad.

Kindle for Mobile Office

(I am addding this information a year after the original post, I do not believe it is safe to use the 3G, Amazon may connect to your credit card and extract money.)

If you are going to travel the world and work on the Internet, the biggest challenge is the first week in-country. Whatever you read on the Internet is normally garbage, marketing noise that seldom is real, every new country is a mystery.

I am presently in the USA and picked up my new Kindle Keyboard 3G, I am hoping can be trusted to keep the 3G working. (doubts, huge doubts). They just removed the 3G from the Kindle 3G Touch, can you believe that, 3G was in the name, that is just not upfront and honest.

I pay one dollar per hour for Internet internationally.

I will break even on this device after about 60-100 days of use, it will pay for itself by avoiding the 139 hours of Internet access in an Internet Café, that was a no-brainer purchase.

I read a few reviews done by obvious children, with no appreciation for what it means to work --- obviously, there is always a need for redundant backup of Internet. I mean, the WIFI goes down in an Hotel, the cell towers reboot in the morning, there are tons of reason to have 2-3 ways of accessing the Internet when working from a Mobile Office.

I checked my e-mail, I can read, delete, and pre-clean, this alone will save one hour per day in an Internet café.

I spend on average, five dollars extra to have free WIFI in a Hotel, that is the value of that benefit.

I now believe with the invent of the USB wireless Internet modem, paying on average about 30 USD for 5-8 Gigs of monthly transfer, I can save about four dollars per day, or about 120 per month on Hotel room cost.

I am looking forward to flying into Thailand and booting up the 3G Kindle.

Wed, 19 Oct 2011 17:24:42

Free Internet Access Internationally --- I Now Have a Kindle Keyboard 3G

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