Downloading is Faster than Uploading

Mobile Office professionals benefit to know downloading works 3-5 times faster than uploading, this means you can hear on, but cannot talk well.

It is December, 2010, I am in Mampong, Ghana using a BlackBerry Bold Internet connection. The connection is provided by partners of the Verizon Global E-mail package for about 70 USD per month.

I then use to connect or piggyback my computer to the BlackBerry bold with a cable.

Why does not work? The person cannot understand my garbled talk.

I have been going sort of nuts trying to get to work, I want to call landlines in the USA. I can hear my friend Mark talking, but he cannot understand my words, this was strange, what the difference in quality?

Assumption that uploads speed where the same as download.

I assumed that upload speeds were the same as download, my tech in India said non-chalantly,
"Downloading is four time faster than uploading."

I put two and two together, this is the reason I cannot be understood over, my voice is not being uploaded fast enough, but I can hear because my friends on the other ends have many times faster connections, and they are uploading fast enough.

2G and 3G Connections

When the Internet jumps one speed level, I believe will work.

List of reasons downloading is faster:

  1. Service providers allocate five times more bandwidth to download, because users download five time more than they upload.
  2. Packets are sent asymmetrically, this means they cannot both enter the pipe at the same time, they must take turns. The service provider says, downloads get about five times more use of the path or pipe.
  3. The server computers are designed this way.

Tethered BlackBerry Internet 3G connection versus USB Wireless 3G Modem? works to call landlines with 3G USB Modem.

Here is an interesting quirk, I purchased an MTN USB Wireless Modem that and use either the MTN 3G or 2G connection in Ghana, not all places have 3G. Why I am allocated more upload speed is interesting, the only reason I can think is that somehow the service providers either know I am on a BlackBerry and in many ways, should not be uploading. Or, the registered connection that is arranged, slows down the transfer and make the two connections unequal.

I am adding about links below, they explain with analogies better, and can help understand better, please read if you want or need.


Sat, 25 Dec 2010 21:59:46

Downloading is Faster than Uploading

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