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How to Backup Photos

Backup Travel Photos. Secure your Photos against Theft, Viruses, Malware

The easiest way to backup your photos is to use a Sync Tool. 


1 USB External Hard Drive

Step 1) Download and Install the Free File Sync backup software

Step 2) Connect the USB External Hard Drive to the computer

Step 3) Choose your Photos folder in the left pane

Step 4) Choose the USB External Hard Drive on the right pane

Step 5) Click on the Synchronization Settings on the right. Choose the settings as shown below.

This backup profile creates a copy of the photos folder on the USB external hard drive. If a file is deleted from the source, it is NOT deleted on the external. This is so that, if you accidentally deleted a photo from the source, it will still be available on the external backup.

Backup Plan for Photos File Sync Software

Step 6) Click Compare

Backup Software Manager for Photos

Step 6) Click Synchronize

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