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Minimalist Versus High Status Lifestyle - Minimalist Lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle is opposite of the high status lifestyle the minimalist feels seeking status to be irrelevant, needing utility value.

 Minimalist Lifestyle


Calling oneself a minimalist, could by mere action of doing so prove you are not a minimalist. There is a reoccurring label applied to my lifestyle, many of my readers wish to label me a minimalist. Which is not offensive, but it is often an elusive label, my mind just does not understand how a person would have a desire to be a minimalist, unless their life is first being destroyed by being the opposite. I have no desire to live on little, but more correctly, I see having more as being irrelevant.

The opposite of a minimalist would be a person that buys everything; maybe we would call them hoarders.  This person would collect anything, and everything, and it has value, only because they own it, the fact that they own it gives it value.

Quite by accident, my traveler’s lifestyle forces me to jettison the irrelevant, the non-utilitarian object. If there is no daily use for the item, then I dump it, throw it away, or just leave it in my Hotel room, with the hope it is valuable to others, to me, it is valueless. Can you imagine carrying around non-essential items in a backpack for my 16 plus years of non-stop travel? This would be insane, but then again people hoard things for a lifetime.

Yet, in my mind, there are two ways that maybe I could be labeled a minimalist. One, I have no use for muddled ideas, thoughts that have no value, for example, if I cannot change it, I work on accepting it, keep my mouth shut, and know that if I indeed do talk about topics that are unchangeable, then I am just ranting, maybe barking at the moon.

The second type is buying products that are above my personal needs, like having a sweeper, when a broom works just fine. Or, to buy a new computer when there is no benefit granted by a new one, that is not already provided by my present computer. It would muddle my brain; give me things to think about, using my brain bandwidth foolishly.

In the end, I believe the Jesus Christ appears to also be a minimalist, except this desire to be worshipped, that seems a little muddled.

Pride, and arrogance, the need to feel prideful in oneself maybe the essential ingredient to high status seeking lifestyles. Many a person says,
“I don’t need this big car, or big house.”
Yet, I say,
“You have it, which implies need.”

Compared to our peers, that is what we fear, that for some reason, another person will look down on us, and in some way make us feel small.

In conclusion, which comes first, the work, or the spending, if we quit spending, then we also could quit working. And, for me, this is my minimalist lifestyle, I do not wish to be bothered to work to think too much, or spend the time buying things I do not need. the time it takes is big of price for me to pay. I cannot be bothered to compare myself to others.


Right on Andy! Like you when I travel if I no longer need it I leave in a hotel or with others that can use it.

Since November 2012 I've bought 8 printers for different locations for my use and when I left I gave them to a friend. Advantages - they now have a printer and when I come back I've got a printer to use. :-)

Recently I completedly remodeled a house from Filipina style to American style - now next year my new bride and I will be traveling and the house will be used by her sister - yet when we come back to visit we don't have to stay in a hotel.

I travel light yet I live well and in places, like you, that others merely dream of.

I live by “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
? Henry David Thoreau

The graveyards are extremely noisey places if you listen well.

Me, and I know you as well and others will be singing: "I did it my way" or "Born to be Wild . . ."

Happy New Year - see you somehwere out there :-)



Great to meditate on, " the implication of needs verses wants,or should haves

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