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Satun Thailand

This really great couple in Satun helped me to plan my trip to Pak Bara. From the way the webpage and information I read about Survivor. I thought the pier at Pak Bara was nothing more than a bunch of grass huts. I am prepared to go straight to Pak Bara and get on the boat today.


I had no shoes in the prior photo because of the religions. Very few places that are small want you to wear your shoes in the building. Makes thing cleaner also. There is the boyfriend of the girl and he gave me a ride in his truck. This is an internet cafe. They had a LAN here. About 5 percent have LAN in these countries. Still have a dial up. South America had direct connections. Better internet so far in S America.


This the room I had in Pak Bara. Cost 3 dollar a night. Fan and mosquito net. Private Bathroom. No mirror. Reading light.
This is me cooking water to wash clothes.
I will almost NOT rent a room. If it does not have a lock hasp. I want to put my own lock on the door. This is my lock.


My home away from home. The room is great. Few ants and rats. Lots of fish in Pak Bara. I think their is rats in the whole village. "Ban" is the word for village in Thai.


I hang up a cord to dry my clothes.
This is the harbor or bay of Pak Bara at low tide. Fishing boats. That is a sand bar in the center.
This is a view towards the main dock. Where the Ranger station is located.
This is probably the reason for rats. They lay these small fish on these board to dry. They also have an outdoors oven over there to the left. This smells.


I love little boats like this. The cabin is excellent. The motor is inside, and this little boy is ready to go. A little bigger and I could go up and down the coast with it.


Yep in the Coffee shop. There is this coffee shop and donut place located right on the beach. The fisherman get up at about 3:00 in the morning and go here to drink a cup of coffee before they leave to fish at low tide. He has the traditional wrap around him. He speak good English and is great guy. Owns a tailor shop, and says a Bass Farm. He may not be saying the correct name of fish.


The coffee group. Muslims do not drink.... They do not drink in public. So there are lot of these coffee shops around the village. Nice. On the edge of the village is a row of bars. You can go down there at night. Drink and the women will not catch you. Plus they sell women. They are all Karaoke bars. where only the women sing.


House on the beach or bay. See the electrical line coming into the building and the TV antennae. Some have cable or satellite television.


A net bundled and ready to go.
A view away from the harbor. That island to the left is Koh Tarutao. Low tide.


This is a long tail boat. The long propeller shaft on the back. Fisherman getting ready to leave. These are 4 cycle engines and they are always putting oil in them.


Nice cute girl waiting in front of the Pak Bara Custom house to leave for either Bulon or some other island. Probably Bulon.


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