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Meetups of Hobo Travelers, where we as friends can meet, this is for verified members only, or ones wishing to be verified. We don't meet strangers on the other side of planet, we are smarter than that. LOL

Hobo Traveler Meet Ups Andy Lee Graham

Hello Hobo friends, "List of Hobos Meetings"

We wish to meet Hobos, therefore we invite verified members of to meetup around the planet. Verification of the identity of members, it is for your safety, don't want you to meet strangers in the park....

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Meetups With Andy Lee Graham, and other Hobos.


Orland, Indiana
October 25, 2018 Thursday, at Chubbies Restaurant Orland, Indiana 12 Noon (Confirmed Date, and Location)
3 Coming Michael, Mom Graham, Andy Graham

New York City
November 10, 2018 (Confirmed Date Saturday)

New York City
6 are coming: Andy GHowardDave. Tom & Paula. Karen  

December 2018 -- Speculation - No Plane Ticket Yet
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Steve Soke - Visiting the Dumaguete, Philippines Area? Message me to meet.

2019 - Where will Andy be?

  -- Speculation - No Plane Ticket Yet

Togo West, Africa? Poland? Kazakhstan, Russia, New Zealand

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I am planning on attending the meetup in NYC. Love NYC before Thanksgiving.Send details when available.
AKA Grinder1

Gadget This link commented. Schedule of MeetUps.
Hello Tom, I am staying with Howard near the 157 Street Subway Station. Yet, as best I can surmise, we need a nice place for Hobo to come, easy to Airports, and hopefully a restaurant area where we can talk, sit around, etc. Please think about this, your experience level is great, maybe together we can find the perfect "Home Away from Home." I am trying to tempt Mom Graham, and my 3 sisters, 1 brother, and all the Graham clan to come to NYC. Yet, we need a restaurant that is open all the time, and easy to walk in an eat, like home. Mom Graham has a bucket list dream of going to Paris, therefore,if I can find a hotel that is easy, loves Mom as much as me, understand empathy for 85 year old people, maybe I can get here to fly Fort Wayne to New York one day, stay for 3 days, then fly to Paris, stay a week or two, then fly back to NYC, stay a few days, and then to Fort Wayne. I want some new stories for people to tell, a new story, and a new life.


Andy, I was checking the prices of Hostels in NYC and the prices are $30 and up.some also have private rooms at additional costs. Not sure if this includes taxes I have not been to NYC in years.i was looking at train prices from DC or Harrisburg , PA and the price is $90 round trip. Not being on the ground in NYC and you need any help arranging the meet up call me on WhatsApp


Tom I am in airport. I will contact you in the Philippines.


Tom, have you and your wife found a place to stay in New York yet? I will be visiting a friend in Philadelphia where I was born around that time and would love to come to New York for a few days and meet the hobos. Should be a fun time with lots of interesting stories.


Karen We hasn’t made any reservations yet, but will message you when we do. It will be fun.




Where are you staying? Do they also have private rooms? Would live a hostel but can't due to my snoring. It's as loud as a freight train. I would get beat up and who could blame them. Thanks. How long are you staying?


HI NYC Hostel. They mention private rooms but say that you must call.


My wife and I will be arriving Nov 10th & 14:57 Penn Station ,NYC
Leaving Penn Station ,NYC Nov 13 12:05.
RT each $94. 3hr 20 from Harrisburg , PA which is 1 hr 15 min from the house.Have not made any arrangements for a room. Will keep you posted


I have cancelled my hostel reservation. I now have a reservation at a Hampton Inn. I decided I didn't want to try the hostel shared room thing. I found a few pod rooms I was thinking about trying but took too long to decide. The less expensive ones I found disappeared before I booked.


What is the address?


My wife told me she booked me a Hampton Inn. When I asked for the address she sent me this.

Radisson Martinique on Broadway
49 W 32nd St
New York

I guess I am now staying at the Radisson. This is a non refundable prepaid. I think I am really going to stay at this one. $729.35 total for the three nights.


Not sure where we are staying in Manhattan but everything is very close with the subway and bus system. Some of the places we would like to visit is the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, ethnic neighborhoods. I haven’t been to Ensenada,Baje since 1987 when we lived in Orange County,Ca Have fun in the Baja


All Hobos
I have been researching accommodations in NYC and it is not cheap Paula and I are leaning toward renting a bedroom in apartment that the the owner/tenant will allow us to have kitchen privileges.( $105 for both) With kitchen privileges it will save us big dollars compared to eating out all our meals We are looking at the upper West Side close to the Hi NYC hostel ( Rate $60/$70ea. )There is the Hotel Marrakech (Rate $160) 3 minute walk from the HI NYC. The hotel has a coffee shop and a restaurant This gives everyone a different price option and still be close to everyone . Dave this area is 21 minutes from your hotel via the subway. ( Line 1)
Tom & Paula


I figured anywhere along line one would be easy access to wherever we meet. I got frustrated looking for lodging.


I'll be in Panajachel Guatemala in the beginning of December if your there Andy I will see you at the Gringo coffe shop. Anyone else wants to meet up I can show them around, I know where everything is.

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