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Official Meetups Of Hobo Travelers - Organized Group Meet Ups

Meetups of Hobo Travelers, where we as friends can meet. This is for verified members only, or ones wishing to be verified. We don't meet strangers on the other side of the planet - we are smarter than that! LOL

Tue, 11 Sep 2018 21:30:44

Hobo Traveler Meet Ups Andy Lee Graham

Hello Hobo friends, "List of Hobos Meetings"

Everyone is invited, anyone can come, just need to become a Hobo, and get verified. We wish to meet Hobos around the planet.

Free to attend, but you must be verified - you can get verified at meetups.

Write Andy hoboontheroad  AT

To sponsor event:

1. The sponsor chooses the location.
2. The sponsor chooses the time.
3. The sponsor choose the City, Date, etc.
4. Sponsor must be available by Skype, WhatsApp and normal cell phone.
5. Sponsor must be willing to give member his, or her email.

Soon we will give you a form to fill out to sponsor an event,

Meetups With Andy Lee Graham, and other Hobos.


Dumaguete, Philippines - 11 November 

Come celebrate Veteran's Day or Happy in the Philippines Day with fellow Hobos!!!

Special Guest "Star" - The Supreme Hobo, Andy Lee Graham... lol

1pm at Chin Loong Restobar. On the Boulevard with a view of the sea. Have lunch or just drinks, up to you...

Plenty of Hotels in the area. Look on Google Maps  between Silliman University and Robinson Place Mall and you will be within 10 minutes trike ride or 20 minute walk to the site. 


NEW!!!! -- I will be spending a month in locations, and want Hobos to come there en masse

August 2019 - Month of August- Odessa, Ukraine.

October ?? Goa, India

November 2019 - Month of November- Dumaguete, Philippines

January 2020 - Month of January 2020 - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Steve Soke - Visiting the Dumaguete, Philippines Area? Message me to meet.

2019 - Where will Andy Lee Graham be? 

  -- Speculation - No Plane Ticket Yet

The dates above are more or less definite - the rest of the year is open to suggestion.

Ukraine,  Kazakhstan, India. Thailand, Philippines

Verified Members are invited to create their own meetups.

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Making plans to meet Hobo in 2018, 2019, and beyond, Thank you, Andy Lee Graham