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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars

Take a Gap Year! Hobo Traveler Has $1200 to Help You. M.A.W.A (HT) will help those people who wish to travel the world for one year, making room for other people who need the work - people who have children, house payments and debt.

Sat, 25 Apr 2020 01:01:55


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Take a gap year! Hobo Traveler has $1200 to help you. M.A.W.A is an online social network,
Guide to a Good Life;

First $1200 awarded July 4, 2020 at Washington DC Hobo Meetup
Monthly 100 Dollars for Plane ticket  to Washington DC awarded monthly.

May 1s June 1, July 1 2020 (HT) will help those people who wish to travel the world for one year, making room for other people who need the work - people who have children, house payments and debt. 

It’s a “gap year” to fill the gap before the economic tsunami of the pandemic recedes, until the world returns to normal.

The COVID-19 pandemic is destroying the US economy, with projections soon of 15-32% unemployment according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Missouri. 

Andy Lee Graham, as CEO of, working with the board of directors, developers and coders, wants to help lower the US unemployment rate. We want young people to stand up and say, “We don’t need the money, the work, we will help, do our duty and go party on the beach of Mexico, or Thailand, or climb mountains in Nepal, go find ourselves.”

Therefore, Hobo Traveler will give $1,200 scholarships to stop working,  and travel to exotic beaches to play, explore the world to love, try to find yourself, learn to work anywhere on our small planet..

Upon learning that leaders recommend that employees work at home, using the Internet. Graham said, “Hmm, we Hobos work at home … and we are never home!” 

Andy Lee Graham is most likely the most experienced person on the planet at working from home, with 22 years of it in 112 countries.  He is what they call a Digital Nomad, except he is the real thing.  He lives anywhere he wants - he is a free roaming, free range human.  

And, while Andy is not playing, Team Hobo has 5-10 freelance workers from Brazil, Ukraine, UK, USA, Philippines, truly a global website, and everyone works from home, even though they don’t have a home.

MAWA - Make America Work Again - The more people that stop working for one year, the better for the US economy..

Airlines Scholarship of $1,200 in Free Airline Vouchers

  • Forward this to airlines please

For example; American Airlines, EasyJet, Delta, Aeroflot, etc.

Hotels Scholarship of $1,200 in Free Room Vouchers

  • Forward this to your favorite Hotels

  • Forward to booking engines.





4 Ways for Hobo Traveler, Youth or Sponsors to Lower Unemployment

  1. Andy Lee Graham will give $1200 to a person already working, if he, or she will leave their job to go traveling the world for one year.

  2. Americans can use their own $1,200 stimulus check to sponsor a person of their choice to travel the world, and Hobo Traveler, Andy’s team, will help, mentor - you know, make life easy.

  3. Hobo Traveler has lowered the verification fee from $25  to $10  during this economic disaster, so we can tempt people to leave the workforce, and travel. (Retire?) Stop work, so others can work.

  4. Win $1000 - Help people who dream of stopping work. Hobo Traveler also has started a $1000 raffle, where HT will randomly choose one verified member to receive this in cash. The more people on the site dreaming about a good life, world travel, the more will leave their jobs. is an online social network, Guide to a Good Life; whereby members work remotely, go explore the world, share stories, photos, videos of their adventures, all while living and working remotely.

MAWA - Make America Work Again

Andy Lee Graham doesn’t need a $1,200 stimulus check from the U.S. government, and plenty of other Americans don’t need it. Therefore, he will use his stimulus payments to help people spend a year abroad, to allow others to work. 

And, Make America Work Again. MAWA
Then, we Make The World Employed Again, MWEA,
Sponsors can use their own stimulus payments to sponsor youth. Employers can sponsor workers, but want them back later when the economy has stabilized.


  • Seekers--take a year off to find you, a year that will define your life.

  • Students, recent graduates before entering the job market.

  • People who want to volunteer abroad

  • Journalists

  • Writers--complete your first book.

  • Adventurers who want to take off to Eat, Love, and Pray

  • Dreamers who can imagine a better world,

  • Professionals who are ready for a sabbatical,

  • Entrepreneurs, wanting to work location-independent.

  • Digital nomads who want to work from anywhere,

  • Employees of companies that want to trim their payroll in the short term without losing talented workers.

  • Missionaries.

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your  country”  -- President John F. Kennedy

“This is what we at Hobo Traveler are doing for our country,”
says Graham. “We are answering JFK’s challenge.”

Our Big Dream is that You Sponsor One Young Person from Any of 253 Countries  Graham wants participants to come from as many nations as possible. “I want one from every country on the planet; people can sponsor anyone they wish, and Hobo Traveler can mentor them.”

How To Start World Traveling?

  1. Join HT Hobo Traveler

  2. Pay 10 dollars to get verified that you are a real person.

  3. Fill out the application form

  4. Publish a 2-minute introduction video on your YouTube channel, and share on our Talk Wall with proper tags.

Application for Scholarship

WHAT’S A VERIFIED MEMBER? No Anonymous People Allowed

Truth, and great advice, is what you get from Hobo Traveler, because no fake names are allowed: you must use your real name.  Be proud of who you are, so members will want to meet you. The claim to fame of Hobo Traveler is that we remove snarky, anonymous people, and those left over are the best of the best. Real people with real names can be trusted, and are safe to meet in real life.

GoFundMe to Help Sponsor

One dollars is fine:


About Andy: Andy Lee Graham has been traveling non-stop longer than any other person on the planet. He has traveled for more than 22 years, living in 112 countries. He is the founder and CEO of, a travel-lifestyle social network that serves as a community of travelers all over the world. His blog, “Hobo Traveler,” has been named a Top 10 Travel Blog and featured in National Geographic Explorer, Flipkey TripAdvisors, New York Times, Forbes.,, Budget Travel,,,, TripBase, and hundreds more.

Andy Lee Graham has written three books, and is involved in over 20 social entrepreneur innovations or inventions, constantly coming up with new ideas to help humans live better, as he lives anywhere, and everywhere.

About is unique, special: we make you prove you are not a fake person. is over 20 years old; it started January 2, 2000. For years, it was the travel blog of Andy Lee Graham, covering many travel topics in 8,000 blog posts. Then, in 2014 it transitioned into a travel lifestyle social network that 30,000-plus people have joined. There is a travel “Talk Wall,” similar to Facebook, where members can find information and share personal travel experiences. What is unique about Hobo is that all members must prove they are real people. No anonymous members are allowed, and profile photos must be genuine. Because of this, the network is trusted by members, and they feel confident in arranging to meet other members in many countries around the planet.


To Join HoboTraveler Your Guide to the Good Life Social Network: 

To join Andy Lee Graham’s YouTube channel with over 4,000 videos, go to: 

Contact info: 

Email: [email protected]

USA telephone: +1-260-624-4414
WhatsApp: same number

Life is good! “Make Hobo Young Again.”

Andy Lee Graham



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- Please send to friends who can explore the world.
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Make the world a better place!

Take a gap year hobo traveler has $1200 to help you. MAWA