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Point Of Temptation Advertising POTA

When a person says, "That is cool?" That is the time to tempt them to click on your ad, it the call to action to pitch your product or service.

Thu, 8 Sep 2011 01:50:07

Point of Temptation Advertising

Google Adsense revolutionized the Internet, finally a way to monetize sites had arrived. How did it start? They created a piece of real estate to sell on their site, and then added the words "See you ad here"

There are many ways to interact with real people, in sales there are closing signals, a good salesperson hear them and start to close the deal.

Closing Signals Define:

"Closing signals, also known as buying signs, are signals that tell you that your prospect is ready to buy. At this point, your prospect has a desire to own the product and he is ready to purchase your offer. He communicates this to you through these closing signals.

Closing signals can be verbal or non-verbal. Verbal closing signals usually appear in the form of a question, such as:

◦Where do we go from here?
◦Do you accept card payments?
◦Do you offer home delivery?"

We pages have great features, and the reader says to themselves,
"That is cool! I could do that."

That is the Point Of Temptation.  POP

Now we need the advertisement, how do we add the A?

When we are talking to real people, this is when a sale person should walk over and say hello, maybe offer his business card. While on a web page, this is the place where we need to put an A - and Advertisement.

 Point of Temptation Advertising

Now, how do you convince a coder or tech to care about marketing? That is the million dollar problem, often site can never grow because the founder refuses to try to work with non-interested coders.

A great feature on a site is used!

POTA - Point OF Temptation Advertising on - The closer the temptation, the better we can lead reader into temptation.
Point Of Temptation Advertising POTA