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Kathleen Peddicord an Extremely Clever Marketer

Kathleen Peddicord has one of the most sophisticated marketing programs I have ever observed on the planet.

Wed, 1 Aug 2012 03:52:32


"Kathleen Peddicord is the female version of Tim Ferris on steroids, she makes him appear meek, and tame, she is a world class promoter."
- Andy Lee Graham

If you do any of the following,
it would be wise to study Kathleen Peddicord:

1. Work for an International Company
2. Promote products or services online
3. Sell Real Estate Abroad
4. Develop a Resort
5. Sell Products
6. Write Books
7. Write a Blog
8. Write a Press Release

Kathleen Peddicord

I admit, I am jealous, I believe that Kathleen Peddicord is doing a world class marketing plan, that many of us would love to do.

She ties together, or "weaves" together a clever marketing program.

1. Real Estate Investments of International Living
2  Books she has written, a few are listed on Amazon.com
3. Newsletter
4. Speaking Engagements
5. Web sites, and she appears to be connected to many.
6. Press Releases
7. Here articles are churnalized regularly, she writes on, and other places copy. wiki/Churnalism
8. She appears to write for Major Sites, like USA News Money, and probably Wall Street Journal.

Today I picked up another article by her with Google Alerts, one method of research I use.

Kathleen Peddicord got another article released on USA News Money site How to Choose Where to Retire Overseas By Kathleen Peddicord Money.USnews.com

Kathleen Peddicord Profile:

Kathleen Peddicord is amazing, she takes the world press, and plays with them like children.

Kathleen Peddicord has  the
"Google.com Authority Mind Map" working for her
, as if it was an employee.
Google Authority Mind Map 
Google Authority Mind Map Todo Checklist

Do you know of any other persons on the planet doing this at such a grand level?

It is very hard for me to study her, the same as Tim Ferris, because I am ethically, and morally opposed to encouraging older retired people to invest in foreign countries, or buy abroad.

"Hey Mom and Dad, I want you to sell your home, and invest in Ecuador."

However, she is a great marketer, she has wrapped the media around her finger.

Note, do not think of me as just a nice guy here, I am about to release a book with the 100 best places to hang out abroad, so her books are competition for the book. Not really, I just am opposed to what she promotes, retiring, investing and buying Real Estate Abroad.

Note, try to study wiki/Churnalism!

Churnalism Kathleen Peddicord

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
San Pedro la Laguna in 5 Dollar Paradise Hotel, while the rest of the world is working 40 hours per week.

Lago Atitan
Kathleen Peddicord

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