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Barcodes for or How to Get UPC Codes

This is confusing, therefore first call the GS1 USA office at +1-937-435-3870.

Sun, 27 May 2012 09:56:59

If you wish to sell your own product on, then you need a UPC: Uniform Product Code, or commonly called a barcode.

To sell another companies product, you can use their barcode.

760 for first year, 100 Bar Codes
158 per year after that.

Warning: This is highly confusing, and many Internet sites are trying to scam, overcharge, or confuse you, my recommendation is to start by first talking with the organization in the USA that is in charge.


There are two websites for a person for the USA to know:

Global:, there is a pulldown for each country.

USA only: 


General inquiries


Web site:  

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Anatomy of a Barcode