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Remove Country Borders Map Reading Travel Tip

A how to read "Maps" travel tip.

Remove Borders Map Reading Travel Tip

They invented maps before countries, there are rivers, mountains and many important reasons a country, became a country.

Maps are confusing, but are accurate, and guidebook writers seem like your friend. Then one day you realize it is best to read the guide, but follow the map.

I look at maps for hours, trying to find the true story of a country, or land. There are many types of map, on, we have a page called way finding maps.
Many types of maps from religion to visas:

There are two normal maps:

1. Map with road, and country borders.
2. Maps with just the terrain, maybe a topography map.

Here is the Map Travel Tips:
“LOOK at Both maps.”

4 Examples of Same Map Area:

Map with Countries

Benin Togo Maps


View Larger Map


View Larger Map

This is a list of WayFinding Maps:

North America Airline Hubs Map
Time Zone Map
Purchasing Power Parity
European Ties to Africa
USA Citizens - Visa on Arrival MAPS
World Inflation
Tourism Receipts
World Religions
Airfares - Around the Word Trip Path
World Heritage Map
Tropical Sunset Over Water Map
Cities with at least 1 Million Inhabitants
Population Density Map
Super Slow Visa Map - USA Citizens can stay 90 days or more Maps

Future Maps yet to be found or added
- Visa requirement status
- Length of tourist stay
- Entry/exit costs
Happy Travelers Index
Hemispheres comparison
Soils quality
Densities (various)
Land mines
Peters Projections
Water and Rain
Threats and risks
Internet backbone
Backpacker Ghettos
Energy Reliance
Rainforest - Tropical and Temperate
Guidebook Cost of Travel Maps

WayFinding Maps


Hi Andy,

A useful post, thanks.

Whenever I go abroad, I always try to get a big political map before I go. I like the big ones you can unfold and view to a decent scale... they are less useful for unfolding on a bus, but my mind doesn't work that well with book-style atlases.

I use this big ones to plan a route, look at where the airports, border crossing points and rail lines run. With that information, you can figure out the kinds of tickets you might be wanting to buy.

I then use the guide-book maps, atlas style maps, or, free map from the hotel, or even a zoomed-in photocopy or google maps print out to help me navigate around smaller areas easily (these then can be pulled out of my pocket while I'm crammed into the corner of a bus or arguing with the cab driver). In European cities, the free map in the hotel/ hostel is usually sufficient for navigating. The most useful thing in these places is often the schematic/ diagram showing all the metro/bus/tram ways.

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Map Reading, change from border to no border maps. title=
Benin Togo Map with country borders.