Map of Pak Bara or Pak Bara Thailand

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1. Ranger Station
2. Waiting Pavilion for boat ferries and and photos and display of things on islands.
3. Ranger Boats
4. Large tourist boats.
5. Waiting area for boats also and ticket sales.
6. Bus Trucks / Took Took for 12 Baht to Langu / Sae Tangs Little pickup trucks with seats on the sides. Big buses also come on this street.
7. Freight loading and unloading. Also passengers.
8. Large boat dock area with lots of fishing boats. Some waiting areas for rides. Wooden cages or traps for squid and crabs. Some net boats. Larger ones in this area.
9. Wooden bridge leading to large fish boats.
10. Coffee group or shop.
11. Coffee shop and place to arrange long tail boats to islands.
12. Fish farms in the river.
13. Andrew Tours (This is the only person in Pak Bara that speaks adequate English to guide a tour, or to arrange anything so far. He is the only one capable of communicating on a level adequate. If his name is not include in your tour package. I believe you are not going to understand your tour.
14. Round well. This goes down below the water table. It is located about 50 meters from the bay of salt water. It is fresh water for bathing only. All the local people drink bottled water. No one drinks the water from the tap.
15. This is scales and holding tank for fish. The type of fish changes. It has a rubber hose that is in the tank that is blowing bubbles. You can see the crabs, sea bass and other fish that are harvest from the fish farms on the other side of the bay, or caught in the open waters.
16. Fisherman coffee shop. Sitting by a dock of the bay... Good bread or Kanome type foods, and coffee for 7 Baht. This is where I sit to catch a boat for Tarutao in the morning. 4:00 AM.
17. Table and nice clean convenient store in the middle of a lot of very typical or fishing houses. Great place to talk with the locals and people watch. Eat an ice cream for 10 Baht.
18. WOK or Buddhist Temple. Very bad shape. I have seen 1 Monk in the last 3 weeks. I will explore later.
19. Jumping bar - Bob Marley 1 - He speaks English enough to explain a lot of things.
20. Bara Guesthouse and the backpacker favorite. 150 Baht per night.
21. Restaurant with Movies at Night
22. Dive Shop
23. Udom Tours and Large screen with movies.
24. AWA Good Restaurant with UBC Television. Where I watch Survivor Thailand
25. Good and friendly convenience store. Sell hooks, and fishing gear also. Boy speaks English.
26. Fahsai Internet cafe. Maas speaks broken English.
27. Hand painted T-shirts. Custom made.
28. Motorcycle Taxi Stand
29. Large very clean grocery or convenience store. Pool tables in back.
30. Best Guesthouse
31. Thai Massage
32. Karaoke inside Best Guesthouse.
33. Kanome or Ice Slushy and pancake restaurant. My favorite.
34. Open public well for Bathing. Large
35. Statue
36. Bara Resort is about a 10 minute walk on this side of road. The Bara resort is nice, but the view, and the traffic is bad.
36. Laguna Resort is about 20 minute walk staying on the waters edge, and around the corner. Good Trekking and great view from the Laguna Resort.



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