Having good manners when meeting other travelers?


Having good manners when meeting other travelers?

I am bewildered and sometime worried about people as I meet the world in my travels. I dream of a world where people treat each other with respect, and I am continually finding the opposite. I am starting this tip in Varnasi, India as a man just said,
"Your present is and imbecile."
I tried to sway or chide a him into saying or tempering down the use of the word imbecile. He then ask another traveler and he agreed, like if two people agreed that they could say something or they agreed then this was good manners.

I suppose I could tell you the countries involved, but this is not important, I find that having poor social grace is universal.

There is a fashionable abuse that is alive in the world by travelers where they think that rebellion is good just for the sake of disagreeing. Being different and unique is wonderful, but forcing your views on the anyone is bad manners.


If a person takes offense in any way to your comment, then you are have BAD MANNERS.
Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable in a civilized world. Argumentative or provocative statements are asking for a fight, and you will surely have your request answered.


  1. Talk about a persons native country in negative terms, or express comments or opinions you believe. You do not know this new acquaintance and it is unfair to anyone to believe they agree.
  2. Do not say things like,
    "You cannot help." or
    "It is not your fault." or any slight of hand comment to open up your desire to insult.
  3. Do not guess their country, at least not to them, I was laughing today as 2 separate travelers mistaken or asked a Canadian man,
    "Are you from the USA?" Now this is a social mistake, not a big one, but you will find this creates animosity.
  4. Do not guess how they live, or what the think or how they live. Allow the person to be as they are and not as you imagine.
  5. Do not speak in your native language if it is possible to choose a common language. It is bad manners to speak with a friend in a way that excludes others from understanding your conversation. There is almost always a dominate language that is easiest for all.
  6. Do not compare in any way that would lead one to believe or indicate that one culture is superior to another.
  7. Do not tease or make jokes at any ones expense. You do not know these people and this is for good friends. No one should or excuse your humor. There is no reason why another culture should understand.


  1. Introduce yourself, you came to meet the world or are people not important? If they are not important then this is not necessary, but if you believe that people should live in peace, and happiness make the world comfortable.
  2. Shake their hand, or greet them as is your custom, or their custom. Learn the greeting as needed. These are not just greetings, they are terms of respect.
  3. Think of all the things you know good about the other persons country and tell them.
  4. Translate or help the ones that do not understand the language if possible.


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