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Shaking Hands with Enemies

Are you able to shake hands with people you do not like?

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 02:52:42

I make friends with polite people, with good manners. If I was with a friend, and he or she refused to shake hands with my friends, or my enemies, they would no longer be my friend. Everything is forgivable, except bad manners.


I have few problems in life, and life is good. In a way, it is simple, I move toward people who are polite, and avoid the ones with bad manners.

Does it feel like everyone is ganging up on you?

Maybe you are a "Tall Poppy"
Tall Poppy Syndrome or worst yet, which feels to be epidemic, the delusion you are a tall poppy

Want to have fun?
Study the words, barbaric, civilized, and savage and take notes every time you observe uncivilized behavior.

Have fun with people, there is no other option!

Beware of mockery, and walk away.

Thank you,

Andy Graham


Shaking Hands with Enemies.