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Seth Godin on Being a Sophisticate - Manners

Seth Goding wrote something special today in his daily blog post about people who stand above others, the sophisticates.

The sophisticate is on one side of the chasm, and the hack, the amateur, the self-defeating noob is on the other. – Seth Godin 

Seth Godin Manners

I accidentally said the other day, "That is not a very aristocratic way of doing things."

It is my dream that humans rise above their normal motivations, take one introspective moment, and rewrite the book. I enjoy observing human nature, but I cannot be bothered to agree that everything about humanity is OK. I do not like being part of it. Humans are not my favorite creatures, a rather brutish bunch and difficult to avoid. Yet we must love being human; there is no better option.

The amateur, self-defeating, hack noobs are eating the planet for lunch. It is their age; their time has arrived. They are empowered by Facebook, Twitter and the power of political correctness.

Now, go read what Seth Godin says in a more loving way – not my way, but his way. He is a much better writer, but he often lacks the terse bite to make people think, to change their world. He is nice to read but does not require you change.

"The Sophisticates"


I agree that humanity in general is not as great as many would like it to be but until we can actually reach the stars it's all we have.
I do my best to not judge people and I meet many that could use some judging and put in their place. I have come to the point in life that as long as they stay out of my face I ignore them.

All the sites on the internet now has opened a new world for both the best and the worst of us and the worst seem to be the main users who spew their hate, complaints, unsubstanciated "this is true" info and especially their stupidity.

Two things bother me the most, people are unable to laugh at themselves and those in power will not/can not learn from history what not to do again and again and again.
One reson we have a difficult time laughing at our selves is government and so many stupid laws, rules, whatever. Political Correctness has become a joke to many of us but yet we must be very carefull not to upset others who will eat us alive.

Maybe they can, someday not to far off in the future, put a chip in our body that will make us all have good manners, or else. Of course they will have no chips.

Hummmm, shades of 1984 will be a little late.

Example of bad manners: I'm a poet, I wrote a poem which I often read at Open Mike Nights, in schools, etc. I read this poem recently and 2 people took it very personally and threatened me with bodily harm, "We'll see you outside."
That did not happen as I had friends with me.

Basically it's this, Too many people are hung up on their being someone they really are not or so insecure they ingulf themselves into a cult like group.
"Im an Italian American, I'm an Afro American, I'm a Native American, I'm a Latino American."

I reply, in the poem, "I don't know if I'm an Irish American, a German American or a Native American because I'm all three but what I really am . . . is An American, period!"

The two were of Italian heritage and probably one or two others. They screamed out couple of profanities and that their heritage was the best of all because there would be no Americans if it were not for Columbus.

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