Manners - Manners will open all doors, and truly is the my secret weapon as a traveler, I am Andy Lee Graham, founder of, and etiquette, manners is a important part of my life.

"I believe that every school on the planet, needs a class in how to have a personality, with an emphasis on manners, and etiquette."

--- Andy Lee Graham founder of

Travel Manners

Universal Manners collection: "Manners" that should be in all Cultures.

Universal Behavior collection: "Behavior"  that should be in all Cultures.

Andy's Tip on Universal Manners...
10 Universal Manners
Cultural Manners

George Washington's - Rules of Civility



1. The manner in which one behaves; deportment. 2. The actions or reactions of persons or things under given circumstances.

1. To raise (a society) to an advanced stage of development. 2. To educate in manners; sophisticate.

The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority.

a. Socially proper behavior. b. The prevailing customs of a society or period, especially as the subject of a literary work.

1. Suitable; appropriate. 2. Called for by rules or conventions; correct. 3. Strictly following rules or conventions; seemly.

1. To cause to become less naive and more worldly. 2. To refine. 3. A sophisticated person.

Personal integrity: strong moral character or strength, and adherence to ethical principles.

20 Signs Of Traveler With No Class

My goal in life in common vernacular is to be a classy person. Using philosophical, psychological words, to be a renaissance man, a steward, a person people feel honored to have as a friend.

Africa and How the Other Half Lives

The living conditions are different, but the people are quickly becoming the same.

Andy Lee Graham Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation

This hopes to add to George Washington's list of rules on how be a gentleman, and to have good manners?

Charisma - Manners

Charisma - Manners

Diplomacy - Manners

Finishing School - Manners

Good Manners In USA May Be Anti Social Behaviour Abroad - Manners

Well mannered Americans travel abroad, and behave with good manners from an American point of view, and have rocks thrown, and ran out of the village.

Heat and Heathens - Manners

Manners are rare, but heat can be avoided.

How To Introduce Yourself To The President Of USA - Manners

How do you make a great first impression on the President of the USA? By giving him, or her the respect they deserve. Great people give respect to all people, rich, poor, everyone deserves respect.

Intercultural Competence - Manners


Manners - Manners will open all doors, and truly is the my secret weapon as a traveler, I am Andy Lee Graham, founder of, and etiquette, manners is a important part of my life.

Seth Godin on Being a Sophisticate - Manners

Seth Goding wrote something special today in his daily blog post about people who stand above others, the sophisticates.

Shaking Hands with Enemies

Are you able to shake hands with people you do not like?

- Buy some food, item, pay for it, then give it back and walk away. This will drive them crazy.
- Stop talking or doing anything, this shows they are not worth the time of day.

In sociology, manners are the unenforced standards of conduct which show the actor that you are proper, polite, and refined. They are like laws in that they codify or set a standard for human behavior, but they are unlike laws in that there is no formal system for punishing transgressions, other than social disapproval. They are a kind of norm. What is considered "mannerly" is highly susceptible to change with time, geographical location, social stratum, occasion, and other factors. That manners matter is evidenced by the fact that large books have been written on the subject, advice columns frequently deal with questions of mannerly behavior, and that schools have existed for the sole purpose of teaching manners. A lady is a term frequently used for a woman who follows proper manners; the term gentleman is used as a male counterpart; though these terms are also often used for members of a particular social class.

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