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Heat and Heathens - Manners

Manners are rare, but heat can be avoided.

Tue, 22 Jan 2013 23:33:38

Heat and Heathens

I am in West Africa, in the country of Togo,
Andy Graham 2013

I watched the movie, Death on the Nile, by Agatha Christie, there was an enticing dialog, truly great writing,

Mrs. Van Schuyler:
How would a little trip down the Nile suit you?

Miss Bowers:
There is nothing I would dislike more.
There are two things in the world I can't abide:
it's heat and heathens.

Mrs. Van Schuyler:
Good. Then we'll go. Bowers, pack.


I can relate, because in the 90 countries I have visited, in the 15 years of my perpetual world travel, there is one sure thing that happens. I go hide in my room approximately 15 of the 17 hours I am awake, and when the brutes outside my room, make too much noise, I move Hotels. Sometimes there are really barbarians at the gate, which looks like a Hotel door.

I enjoy my world immensely, providing I can live far away from all Churches, Mosques and relgions fanatics, who truly believe they have divine right to enter my room by way of NOISE!

I agree that too much heat is annoying, but cold is worst.

Heathan are people who shamelessly make too much noise, there is no escaping the children, big or small.

It seems like any big city is for children, and heathans, any adult would move away from that much noise, and traffic for which there is no escape, no place to hide.

The art of living gracefully is hiding from the heathans, and there is a name for the job, and the people who get paid to pretend you love someone they don't.

Never pretend to love, and learn to hide gracefully, that is a life worth living, be a runaway, free from guilt and shame, that is freedom.

I do not live in the USA for a reason, there are too many rules, with people who never allow me to eat a hamburger in peace, the land of organic grown guilt and shame.

Andy Graham

Hobo traveler