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Good Manners In USA May Be Anti Social Behaviour Abroad - Manners

Well mannered Americans travel abroad, and behave with good manners from an American point of view, and have rocks thrown, and ran out of the village.

Sun, 31 Jul 2016 19:57:35


Are you disrupting the local culture? Are you anti-social, causing problems, and in risk of going to jail, being stoned, or spit on?

Every country has a specific culture, a set of values that it considers normal. Normally, with the highest enforcement in small villages, and least enforcement in highly populated cities.

In the USA, we have Federal, State, and local Ordinance, the laws that enforce values, the culture of the country of the USA.




Astrid from Germany was in Guatemala, and had stones thrown at her.

I was in Laos, on New Years Eve, and refused to eat food, drink, or be with local women or men.

My standing and sitting episode in Had Yai Thailand.