Africa and How the Other Half Lives

The living conditions are different, but the people are quickly becoming the same.

Africa and How the Other Half Lives

The world needs a finishing school to teach manners more than it needs business school, and good business starts with "Real Manners."

Traveling the planet is an eye opener, and I wish there was a profound reason to travel, there is not. All I can say is,
“Travel has made me grateful for my home town of Orland, Indiana.”

I am grateful to have been born in the USA, travel has made me grateful, it does not make bad mannered people better, that is the job of parents.

Africa has more girls

One two week vacation to Mexico, watching a couple of idiots with no manners piss, and you are grateful for the USA. It does not take 14-15 years of perpetual travel to know the USA is cleaner, more organized, and chaos is not the normal way of life.

It takes 15 years of travel to know the USA culture is spirally downward; it is becoming a third world nation at lightning speeds.

I am not happy when the poor cultures moves to the USA, I know the USA is not in the process of upgrading culturally we are being culturally diversified, which is not a good thing, it is the end of a great culture, gone with the wind.

In another 50-100 years, most countries will be almost the same, thanks to the television and the Internet, we all copy each other until we are socially, and culturally the same.

I want to say to the boys in the USA,
“Pull up your pants, you have no manners, we do not need to see your underwear.”
I want to say to the African boys,
“Pull up your pants, you have no manners, we do not need to see your underwear.”

I am more afraid to go to Detroit or Chicago, then to travel in Africa; there is more violence in any big city in the USA. I am afraid to travel to Accra, Ghana, because it is dangerous, aggressive, and chaotic, the problem is not a country, it is the cities on the planet, the over-urbanized rage filled clusters of brutes.

The other day, I thought to myself,
“Accra is primitive, while the tribes are not.”

“Orland, Indiana is not primitive, but Chicago is.”

Tribes are socially controlled; they keep the members in line, and try to behave. (Small towns.) There is a danger of superstitious, religious beliefs, if the tribe turned on you, it can become dangerous. However, a city is always aggressive, never behaves, and revels in misbehaving, there are random acts of violence, just for kicks, done by bullies.

First world cultures, the abnormal 15-20 percent of the planet, the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia do not strive to have manners, they strive to see how to party. It is exactly the same for Africa, the cultures are changing fast, everyone is moving to the big cities, and learning that manners are not important. Getting ahead at the expense of others is encouraged; people look up to you for being abusive, both in Africa, and the USA.

To have a good memory about planet earth, I need to avoid highly populated areas, the big cities. If I want to have debauchery memories, to remember the party, how to have sex, how to see half naked girls touch themselves in public, then yes, I can find that in the city. There is a depravity growing, they say Roman culture self-destructed from too much wealth, and prosperity, the simple life is needed, time to keep it simple, we are often too intelligent to realize how stupid we behave.

The whole world is wearing the same clothing all fashion are copied, until there is nothing unique, nothing different about people.

I am not going to change the world, and it is not my job to save the planet, it is not my right. Yet, in one small way, I am grateful to my parents, who pushed me, and tried their best to say,
“Andy, you need to have good manners.”
I think of my friend Bruce S. in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who quoted Winston Churchill saying,
“Everything is forgivable, but bad manners.”

How does the other half live in Africa, about the same as the USA, self-absorbed, looking at their cell phone, never trying to have good manners.
White people come to Africa, and have worst manners than the locals, it is not the memory needed by anyone, we carry our message about the planet, looking to be the better partier, not the better person.

Travel the world, and never forget the bad manners of the locals. Yet, you can go to a resort, be treated like a king, and create the biggest delusion about people the travel industry can propagate.

I look for rage in people, does the person close to me have rage, that inner anger that is looking for a fight. I see rage, and people willfully looking at each other with disgust; as if they were annoyed someone was sharing the room with them.

I make a few people think, and in real life, I can make even the biggest grump and scrooge on the planet laugh at themselves. I do get intellectual with people I meet.

Yet, this grimace on people faces, needs erased, and we can only do it one person at a time, I will do my part.

How does the other have live, well it is 10-50 times dirtier, but the people act about the same, but trash pickup is missing.

The solution is to encourage people to move to small communities, where everyone knows what you are doing. If you do not want your neighbor to know what you are doing, the problem is not your neighbor, it is the shame you have for your most inner thoughts, and behavior.

Thank you,
Andy Graham in Ghana, Africa, 2012


I fully agree with you Andy on the lack of manners, big city danger, corrupt businesses and politicians, etc.

Unfortunately I think the problems will only continue to grow until some world wide catasrophy eliminates
a large portion of the population.

There are just to many people and not enough resources to take care of them all, that includes meaningful
jobs, food and purpose in life. It won't happen over night (though it could if some idiot pushes the buttons).

I have seen so many rude people when I travel and have even spoken out but it usually ends up with my
walking away with insults being hurled at me.

It is up to parents to bring their kids upo properly but then when the parents, aand their parents and their
parents, on and on don't do the job it just grows worse by the millions.

I always get upset when I hear/read about how parents push their lack of doing their job on teachers and government.

So about all we who are mannerly can do is continue to do as best as we can.


As an after thought I once wrote a paper for a college course that said ... maybe we could get the gang bangers and other
vicious criminals with a special draft and put them all into special military units, train them, give them good weapons and
send them into combat. They would serve 2 purposes, enjoy what they like to do, killing people and those who die wil be gone.
I also said that none of them should be allowed to return and to set up a U S type of "foreign American legion" only it will be for
U S people we want to get rid of. Think "Dirty Dozen."
Of course I wrote this as a satirical paper and received an A with some instructor comments saying I had a somewhat poor
social attitude but my idea did have some merit. I still LOL at this today but also still think it mught be a good idea.

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