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Mama Says And My Never Ending Debate With Myself On How To Share My Good Fortune

I have lived abroad for 18 years, and almost continuously I am surrounded by people who believe me incredibly rich, and they want me to share my wealth.

Wed, 2 Nov 2016 23:04:26

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Many of you are calm, and raise great questions.

Money does not work...

When choosing how to help our neighbors, our friends, it is truly a problem. For the last 18 years abroad, I have been the very rich, surrounded by others with less, not poor, but not the same. So, there is a never-ending edging of these people wanting me to share money. It has come down to this for me, any money unless a girlfriend usually creates a problem. If I give money today, they want more tomorrow, and they will spend days trying to making me feel guilty, as if not giving them money means I am a bad person, truly an annoying problem.

Helping around the Hotel or Home buying bigger items.

They often cannot afford bigger purchases.

I can buy a few extremely small things to share with the group. Yet, if I install a pump, clean the well, I need to leave, because soon they will want roofs, drainage, new everything. Somehow, for mysterious reason, I become their support, their benefactor, I become responsible for their lifestyle.

Sleepy Brains

I see the world watching soap operas, and listening to some truly bad music. My Mama Says project is searching for ideas on what KNOWLEDGE to share, so we are sharing knowledge on how to download books for free to read. We give them nothing, zero, just how to do something.

I can show the people in my group home videos on cheap rope pumps for water, but really they must band together to do it, or their brains just sit stagnant. In so many ways, I think the problem with everything is the stagnant brains, the sleepers. Yet, the village I visited the other day with no electricity is populated with sleepy brains. The ones who are awake leave to go the city for something to do.

There is a competition for the minds of humans.

It is truly a mysterious situation. but in the end, people reading books is better than most music videos or soap operas. There is a competition for the minds of humans, from religion to music to soap operas.

This appears be a problem in all countries, we have in the USA people making long list of reasons they are angry, when they could be reading a book for entertainment, or making furniture as a hobby. There is a competition for our minds, and it appears the bad boys are often winning.

Mama Says, is in the business of sharing ideas we hope have no downside.

For example:

1. Floss your teeth.

2. Do not steal.

3. Please drive your car slow around schools.

4. Do not touch my food with your hands.

5. Do not beg.

If we collect 1000's of these small ideas, they are the language of a developed nations people. There are customs, beliefs, science, technology and manners in highly developed countries.

This is the language of development, 1000's of small good ideas.

Should we say to our neighbor?

"I do not text message, and drive because it is dangerous to the children in the neighborhood?"

Many of you say, "Nobody has the right to tell me what to do." Which may be true, but telling opinions is not a command, it is an opinion.

Just explaining where I am at right now.

Andy Lee Graham in Lome, Togo, West Africa.

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