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Sitting with my best friend Jeff in Fort Wayne at breakfast in the Sunrise Restaurant on Coldwater Road he said, "I YouTubed it." It was a good day.

Tue, 24 May 2016 02:33:05

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Mama Says Do You Get It?

Mama Says,
"Watch these two videos today."
"I want you to get it!"

Can you imagine going to a school, with Einstein teaching physics, Beethoven teaching piano, and Mark Twain teaching writing?

I can, and it makes me smile, because I know the future of learning.

When my friend Ed A wrote suggesting a topic for the "Ask Andy Show" yesterday, I said to myself,
"Ed gets it."

When my friend Jeff told me in the Sunrise Restaurant on Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana he "YouTubed It."
"Jeff get it."

I did a knuckle punch, a high five, my friend Jeff got it, and I knew his children would get it. The best teachers on the planet are now on YouTube for Free. I want you to get it today, not tomorrow. Here are two people videos who get it, that can talk 100 times better than me, because they get it, and they are fun. These two that fun teachers we all loved, and remembered from our school days. Truly, you cannot afford to not watch these two videos, you must be one of the people who gets it.



Mama Says, watch these video today.


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