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Sitting with my best friend Jeff in Fort Wayne at breakfast in the Sunrise Restaurant on Coldwater Road he said, "I YouTubed it." It was a good day.

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Mama Says Do You Get It?

Mama Says,
"Watch these two videos today."
"I want you to get it!"

Can you imagine going to a school, with Einstein teaching physics, Beethoven teaching piano, and Mark Twain teaching writing?

I can, and it makes me smile, because I know the future of learning.

When my friend Ed A wrote suggesting a topic for the "Ask Andy Show" yesterday, I said to myself,
"Ed gets it."

When my friend Jeff told me in the Sunrise Restaurant on Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana he "YouTubed It."
"Jeff get it."

I did a knuckle punch, a high five, my friend Jeff got it, and I knew his children would get it. The best teachers on the planet are now on YouTube for Free. I want you to get it today, not tomorrow. Here are two people videos who get it, that can talk 100 times better than me, because they get it, and they are fun. These two that fun teachers we all loved, and remembered from our school days. Truly, you cannot afford to not watch these two videos, you must be one of the people who gets it.



Mama Says, watch these video today.


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I do not live in the USA, and not current on how the libraries work inside the USA. If I wanted to take out a John Grisham book from an American library to read on my Kindle, can I do this? Will the library give me access to e-books? Thanks, Andy Lee Graham hoboontheroad AT


I belong to the library in my county in Florida. I can download ebooks from anyplace in the world. Each library chooses it's own books. Some counties are much better than others. It is the best property tax money I pay. Join your local library and see what they offer.


I can also check out magazines online. I use this all the time


So you can download John Grisham, Clancy, current books it appears. I have all the books I can read for the rest of my life already, so no need to pay the 40 dollars to join the Stueben County, Indiana library, the Orland Library does not do this. It seems to me, that this system allows people to grab the book, remove the DRM copyright lock, and then they put them on to torrents. I have been thinking about releasing my book onto Kindle, but see the experience as being bad, not the best feeling to read the book this way, but also, then everyone just quickly release all over the place for free. In many ways, I believe digitals book may as well be ffee.


Like most places YMMV (Your Milage May Vary), different libraries have different funding and different priorities. Some have ebooks, some charge for membership, some (like the Saint Louis Library) does have ebooks and membership is free.


It appears I could open a library, and allow the Togo or people to check out the book.

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