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The Luxury Of Waking And Sleeping Anytime I Want - Luxury Lifestyle

Most of you want a boss, agree to have a boss, continually sign up to have someone tell you want to do guilt, anger and 2 addiction thrive.

Mon, 21 May 2018 02:56:23

The Luxury of Waking, and Sleeping Anytime I Want

3:15 AM, I am in Panajachel, Guatemala, in my 85 USD per month room, what a great value, I live the life of luxury, each of us have a “bundle of benefits,” that allows us to be content, when the majority of benefits are present, we may be happy. Sadly, the two addictions, 1. Conspicuous Consumption, 2. Sugar, blocks close to 95 percent of the human species, the bottom line, addicts are never happy, there is the proverbial “Monkey on their Back.”



This is a visual, a Monkey climbs on your back, and continually moves around, we are unable to dislodge the Monkey; this is an addiction, something that we do daily, an obsession, a desire that motivate us to action, that sort of takes over all our thoughts.

Hmm, maybe talking about the weather is an addiction for Americans?

Well, onto the title of this missive,
“The Luxury of Waking, and Sleeping Anytime I Want”

As a world traveler, who continually moves locations, it is almost impossible to have appointments, or obligations to meet with others. Although I spend 25 percent of my day talking with people, it a serendipitous meeting up with others, if I do not show up, there are no consequences.

Yet, if we do not show up for a job, there are consequence, please note, as a travel Blogger, there are almost no consequences if I do nothing for a few days.

Yet, if we are married, there are consequences, and children is an explosion of consequences.

And for me, if I stay up all night, and sleep all day, there are few consequences, nobody is going to try to punish me.

So, how to have this lifestyle? LUXURY

When someone is trying to make an appointment, ask yourself, “Is this needed?” Or, more succinct, do you really want it?

--- Think...

When another person is talking like a Mother, Father, Teacher, Preacher and trying to make you feel guilty, then time to think. Why? It is so easy to avoid people who dish out guilt on a plate, we agreed to listen.

Guilt, and anger are two dishes to avoid eating.

I am living the life of luxury, I wake, and sleep anytime I want…

Andy Lee Graham from the Tribe of Orland, Indiana, a choice.

Anger, guilt, and the 2 addictions.