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Please Consider Migrating to a Leisure Lifestyle

The "Luxury Lifestyle," is easy enough, you migrate, you move on to greener pastures, where life is easy.

Please Consider Migrating to a Better Life

Maybe it time to quit your job, and move on to greener pastures, you do not need to leave the USA to do that.

Are you unemployable if you move to a better lifestyle?


The USA is a nation of immigrants who have long forgotten why they left Europe and moved to the land of milk and honey. What happened was husband and wives, with their children moved to another country or region to better their material or social conditions and improve the prospect for themselves or their family.

What does this mean really, can you put your mind around the bottom line of immigration, and it was easy money.

A person can leave New York City and move to Boulder, Colorado, and be twice as rich. A person from New York, moving to Thailand would be almost 10 times richer.

The Competitive Advantage
European people move to the Americas to achieve a competitive advantage, they left their place of their birth, because conditions had become intolerable

Is your life intolerable?
They left family, friends and their homestead, they adapted, it was intelligent, the best option for change, for the better life.

American Dream
The immigrants to the American Colonies wanted what we now call the American Dream; where life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone.

European people left their place of birth, immigrated to America, place where land was free, where the Kings, Queens, and Noblemen did not keep them as serfs, something like slaves, but with a twist.

Today’s Competitive Advantage
We dream one day our children will go to Harvard, or Princeton, maybe Oxford; we want our children to win in the game of life.

We want our children to have the competitive advantage, where they can live a better life, therefore we arm our children with great educations, great advantages, Yet, the simple solution is to encourage them to live in high quality of life locations.

Why Stay because of work? Why not move to easier cities?
In many ways, staying and competing is a failure to adapt.
Wisdom is not fighting the difficult battle; it is migrating to place where there is no battle, just the good life.

The “Boss or “The Machine” wants you to stay, buy a house, and a bigger car, and fight the good fight.

If you save enough money, if you have the best Apple Computer, the Mercedes Benz, is you are quicker, smarter, faster, if your children pay for the best education money can buy, what happens in the end?

Migration Map

We owe our soul to “The Company.”

I am Andy Lee Graham; I have lived outside the USA now for 15 years, and have visited 90 countries. When the going gets tough, I move to a soft target, where things are easy, I never just grin and bear it, that is silly.

Many people, my family, my Mother, my Father, my friends at home, the whole American culture wants me return and fight the good fight with them.

In many ways, I am a modern day nomad, and what does a nomad do? We move to greener pastures, where life is easy, we move to a land where we have the competitive advantages.

One day I may just move back to the USA and live, if Obama actually gave me free health care, it would be wise, and then live in my hometown of Orland, Indiana where I would be the biggest fish in the smallest pond, which is a good reason to migrate.

Often I think about immigrating to England or Canada, where there is better health care provided to citizens.

One day you are there, and the next day you are here.

Andy Graham in Kara, Togo, West Africa


Easier said then done for most people. Today it seems the majority that actually move to another country is due to their countries continuous poverty, war or whatever makes it a miserable place to live. Of course many who want to leave such areas cannot.
Others that do move can afford it and they can do so because they worked for the man until they had enough money or in retirement.
Yes there are some that leave early on and do OK somewhere else but they usually are still working and maybe are better off and maybe not.

I suspect the percentage of people who leave their home of record is very small compared to those who stay even if they really would like to leave.

I can afford to live wherever I choose but I travel instead and stay where I'm at for personal reasons which works for me.


I have two nephew that life in Hollywood California, and barely squeak by. They work for movie studios and need to be there, I understand that job. My friend Debbie has son Mike that live in Chicago and is in a marketing job. He could get the job in any city, or almost the same all over the USA. He is scratching by, sort of silly to me, as if torture is enjoyable.

I lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana and it took 5 minutes to get to work, and people wanted me to move to the suburbs and drive 30-50 minutes to work. I said, I am not going to work another 1.5 hours to live there.

Migration is moving towards or away, and nobody seems to look at migration as positive:

Wiki has push and pulls of Migration:

Not enough jobs
Few opportunities
Primitive conditions
Famine or drought
Political fear or persecution
Slavery or forced labour
Poor medical care
Loss of wealth
Natural disasters
Death threats
Lack of political or religious freedom
Poor housing
Landlord/tenant issues
Poor chances of marrying
Condemned housing (radon gas, etc.)

Job opportunities
Better living conditions
Political and/or religious freedom
Better medical care
Attractive climates
Family links
Better chances of marrying

I move, migrate to better weather all the time, I moved from Lome, Togo to Kara, because the elevation was 300 meter higher, and no urban heat island. Plus the cost of Hotels was 1/2 the price, and the people are twice as nice.

There is something attractive about cities, that makes people enjoy the torture.


I was fortunate at an older age than most to go back to college after the military and graduated finally at 35 to get the career I wanted and it allowed me to live, work and travel in other countries and get paid well for it.

I learned at an early age all about travel as I was sent to grandparents 3 summers in a row at 6/7/9 yrs old, the 3rd time by myself on Greyhound. Also with my parents 3 or 4 other times.

Basically I have been traveling ever since but have finally set down roots for the last 18 yrs in one area. The largest city is about 18 miles away and it is not very large compared to the really bigger cities.I don't have "God's Little Acre" I have my little 1/2 acre and am quite comfortable with it.

Yes I did work for the man but more on my terms than his. More people can do this if they just realize it's attitude more than keeping up with the Joneses. We have all seen where that has gotten a lot of people today in the U S. Broke.

I have a close relative who has his own small business, is very good at what he does, works a lot of hours but complains about not making enough money. I have told him he needs to go to the big city somewhere to do better as this area is not large enough or well off enough to ever make it big.
But he likes it here, he likes his friends, etc, etc, so until he changes his attitude he will end up probably disliking what he does and then what.

Oh well I'm satisfied.

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