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Luxury Travelers Make Checklist Then Delegate

The "Luxury Lifestyle" is available to 1 percent of Americans, but is available to you outside the USA if you live in the normal 200 countries.

Fri, 22 Feb 2013 01:58:25

Luxury Travelers Make Checklist then Delegate

Wealth and luxury, living the good life is knowing how to make a list of your needs, and wants. Then having the savvy to hand that list over to a “Smart People,” who returns back to your room later in the day to see your happy face.

Traveling in luxury and wealth, the good life is available to anyone on the planet, in any country. Learn to be savvy, make a good travel checklist, and learn to find good people who are happy to help your live the life of luxury, the rich and famous.

People and readers do not get it,
“I have the driver pick me up at the door.”
I only walk because I enjoy walking, never because I need to, I do not wash my own clothing. I find people to solve my problems, I am a wealthy man in countries that pay people 10 dollars per day, and when I pay 20, life is just too easy.

I make 15-30 times more in one day than a Thailand person, and 50-100 times more than a West African. Thailand

I travel, I spend money, I give people jobs, I am not here to teach them to beg, to save them by destroy their pride, nothing is more enslaving than giving, be generous, not destructive.


This is the Concierge in the movie “Pretty Woman,” he was intuitive, smart, clever, he provided the service every hotel is capable of, but only found in 1 in 1000 Hotels.

I am an experienced traveler, as expected after 15 years of perpetual travel, and 90 countries. I am able to do this, because I know how to find smart people quickly, and make a damn good travelers checklist.

Tourists NEED specific things:

1. Water
2. Condoms or preservatives
3. Tampons or Sanitary napkins
4. Toilet paper
5. Towel
6. Toothbrush
7. Reading glasses
8. Mosquito repellant
9. Laundry soap
10. Umbrella

Mothers of 5-10 children probably are the best travelers, only this type of training forces you to be organized. My mother had five children, when she goes to the market her checklist is complete, she does not forget items, leave them off the list, the list is complete, she is super organized. Think about the punishment a mother receives,
“Mom, I need toothpaste.”
“Mom, I need a notebook for school.”
“Mom, I need, I need, I need, and I need.”

I am very strict with tourists, and only make friends with the organized ones. I do not want to baby-sit tourists, it spoils my day, requires too much patience, and I lose respect for people. It is almost impossible to make a new travel friend when I am constantly solving their problems like a small child.

Tourists will knock on my door,
“Andy, do you have water?”
“Andy, do you have a condom, I met a girl at the market.”

“Andy, do you have an umbrella?”
“Yes, but if you are too stupid to know it rains in every country on the planet, then you are just too stupid.”
“It cost 2 dollars at the market, we are in England, there is cloud above this island daily, I seen the sun a month ago.”

This same tourist may know everything about the Statue of Liberty in New York City, but helpless without his Mom, a.k.a. Wife.

The Checklist Secret

Always have a pen and piece of paper on you, it is amazing how few of the smart phones allow you to make a check list fast, easily and one that evolves.

I make a paper one, because I am management, always has been, always will be.

I give my checklist to my travel employees?

1. Taxi driver
2. Person who buys for Hotel
A. Cleaning lady B. Maintenance Man C.Manager D.Owner.
3. Cling-on-Friend who wants to learn English.
4. Girlfriends, I am male, there are many employees to be found.

1. BEST --- Taxi Driver
This person makes the best assistant, he has a car, or a motorcycle, and has knowledge of the city, and you can give a checklist to a great taxi driver, and feel wonderful. Only about 1 in 20 is up to speed, make friends with taxi drivers, and take their numbers.

I am in Natitingou, Benin today, a taxi driver by the name of Paul wants to be my friend, practice English.
Paul’s phone number is 66-39-36-30.

I said to Paul in French,
“My French is bad, I will call and say.”
“L’Hotel Bellevue.”
“L’Hotel Bellevue.”
“L’Hotel Bellevue.”
“L’Hotel Bellevue.”

This means, come to the Hotel, I need a taxi. I could give him a list of items, written in French, with money, and he would return. Say I needed six bottles of water, the Hotel charges 1000 per bottle. I can pay 6000 CFA for six, or pay Paul 500 and 2000 for a pack, I can pay 2500 or 6000, yes, and a checklist in the hands of management saves money.

I live the life of luxury, and for exotic items, I sit in the taxi, and make the driver give me a tour of the city.

Please, show me all the Hotels in this city?
Please, show me all the restaurants?
“Me montrer où rencontrer de jolies filles.”

2. SECOND BEST - Person who buys for Hotel
This is first the cleaning lady, second would be the maintenance man, third is the manager, and fourth is the owner. Generally in the Hotel, I ask the owner to be polite, and he ask one of this employee a question, that often telegraphs to me, who is the smart person of the hotel, the true manager.

Cleaning lady - Generally, there is one ringleader cleaning person in all hotels. She is the least respected, but most efficient person in the Hotel. I move out of Hotels that do not have this person, or find a new Hotel is this person quits

You can find her easy enough, request something and the person that brings it to the room is probably the boss of the Hotel. This is your smart person.

If you are good, if your girl is good, most boys working in Hotels are sort of brain dead, too big of snobs, too proud to help. I am searching for the mother of five, someone to take care of me.

I want to give my checklist to someone who gets what I NEED, who knows intuitively we need help, we do not speak the language, and we are strangers in their city. And, we have big money, which can be tossed around, if they help.

I am in the Hotel Bellevue, in Natitingou, Benin West Africa. There is nobody here I can trust with a checklist, but Veronica is good for toilet paper, and small things, the Hotel is clean, but cannot solve tourist problems, but only 1 in 50 Hotels in Africa can help when truly needed.

3. THIRD BEST - Cling-On
“Cling-on-Friend who wants to learn English.”

If you are friendly, if you are wise, if you are savvy, if you are personable, someone in all cities of village on the planet will find you.

I purchase phone credit from Roland here in Natitingou; he has a small box kiosk across from the far entrance to the market away from the circle. He track me down, not difficult, I am 1 of the 5 white people in the city, and the only one that comes out every day of the week to walk, the others are in cars.

I call him a cling-on, because he is smiling too much, shaking my and too much, he wants to be my friend. This is good and bad, generally these people are not smart enough, but in this situation, Roland studies Geography at University in Cotonou. He is bright, does not speak a word of English, but I do not need English speakers, I speak French well enough now to avoid the wanna-learn English cling-ons, unless it is a girl.

I could easily give him a list of 3-5 things, and ask him to buy them, and give him 2-3 times the amount of money needed. Then infer you get to keep the change, in one half day, he could earn favor with me, this is what he wants, cling-on’s want to be friends, and they do not work for money. But the money is a bonus, and if he does a good job, you do have responsible friend, and there is no babysitting needed.

4. FOURTH BEST Girlfriends or Boyfriends
I highly advise against using girlfriends or boyfriends for your traveler’s checklist. It is not love, it is need, and this same person who can take care of you in Europe, is lost in the USA, so when you take him or her home, the roles will change.

Do you want to baby-sit this person inside the USA?

Example if my girlfriend speaks great French in Paris, she is hot, smart, and truly capable. She could help me do many things, show me the city, and tell me all about the Champs Elysees.

I take the same girl to New York City, and the reason why I liked here, the reason why I loved her is gone, she has no utility value.

Girlfriends and boyfriends need to be needed, and need utility value after you marry, if you marry.

But, a small girlfriend, or boyfriend, that is smart, quick, and intuitive. I want to emphasize the word,
Love is intuitive, it knows when you are happy, in pain, or uncomfortable, and people who love you feel your pain. And, if you are intuitive, you can solve their pain.

Note, I am not the father to any girl, if she ask me for things, I do not solve all her problems, she cannot give me a checklist of things to do, only it I can give her a checklist also

Mutual interdependence is needed.

Conclusion - IN a “PERFECT Travelers World.

If my world was perfect, if the travel industry had a clue, they would empathize that I am here, alone in a Hotel room. I have needs, wants, and dreams. Tourists travel for 10,000 miles, arrive as foreigners, we often do not speak the language, the culture is absolutely chaos, and our whole world is lost in translation.

Yes, I NEED MY MOM! and damn right, I WOULD PAY for that service.

We the tourists are often outrageously rich in comparison to the locals. I will use Thailand as an example, the language is impossible; Bangkok is a rush to the spirit. We are lost in a foreign country, we need help.

I go looking for the "Ideal Concierge."

Barney, the Concierge in the movie “Pretty Woman,” is the ideal for which all Hotels should strive. Luxury Living is not the Hotel, Swimming Pool, or the Golf Course. It is the Concierge, the Lifeguard, and the Caddie, people make all the difference, personable, friendly happy people who intuitively understand you are a stranger in a strange land.

Find your smart people, and give yourself a life of luxury, everyone can buy things, knowing that a true lady or gentleman can find luxury rather easily.

Thank you,
Andy Graham February 2013

Please watch this video, with the thought,
"A gentleman makes people feel confortable, at home, included."

Luxury living is about people, not money. 

The perfect hotel, resort, bed and breakfast is about people.