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5 Steps to Tipping in Hotels to Be the King or Queen

The people of the USA tip it is an American custom. Here are five tipping steps to living a luxury lifestyle as an international traveler.

Mon, 13 May 2013 22:21:31

As an international traveler, one learns there is no need to tip in restaurants, hotels or bars outside the USA; it is optional. The five-star tourist industry promotes tipping and is trying to make it an obligation worldwide, but the truth is, it is not.

The USA, Canada and maybe Australia are the only nations where the custom is considered an obligation. But in countries other than those three, we can properly us tipping to guarantee we get good service.

Learn the five steps to being treated like a King or Queen, to living the luxury lifestyle you deserve.

Melia Cohiba

T.I.P. …
          – To
          – Insure
          – Promptness

As international travelers, we deserve great service in restaurants, hotels and bars around the world. Why? Because, often, one of our tips equals a day’s wages in a poor country.

Can you imagine giving an American waitress a $100-200 tip? Maybe you have, and that person will never forget you. In hotels or restaurants, the effective use of tips makes you unforgettable, someone who is considered first class.

It’s fun, and life is good when the hotel or restaurant staff members, or your favorite bartender, sort of jump when you enter the room. We often expect good service, yet the hotel or restaurant staff members expect a tip, and without that tip, apathy rules the day. It does not need to be this way.

Here are the five steps to getting great service in hotels.

Step One: Choose a Person to Serve You.

When you walk into a hotel, restaurant or bar, smile, greet the staff and look for a response. The person who replies with a smile and a hello is generally the person you want as your personal helper.

Be direct, and do not accept help from just any person on the hotel or restaurant staff. Say to the manager, receptionist or owner who you want and expect this person to help you. Make this person your friend.

Step Two: Discover Good Service.

Find something good and real to complement the staff member about. Be authentic and only comment on something the person does that is above expectation. Maybe he or she smiles, or brings you the coffee quickly, or carried your bag into the hotel quickly.

You need to discover something worth tipping for, and as a traveler, sometimes finding good service internationally is a challenge. But you can, and you can build on the good points. The USA is known for great service; “service with a smile” is an American tradition, so you can help.

The goal here is to find service of value and reciprocate with a tip, a bonus. You want a specific person to know the service was appreciated. The whole world works for appreciation, to feel as though the world is ours. We all want to feel special, so find what is special about the person. There is always something special to find in all people: This is the art of being personable.

Step Three: Point at, Talk About and Explain the Exceptional Service.

In Step Two, you discovered the exceptional service. Now you need to look the person right in the eyes and point at what he or she did that was exceptional. Take great care with this step to create a one-to-one connection.

Step Four: Tip BIG and Say ‘BECAUSE.’

The first tip you give to a hotel or restaurant staff member makes you unforgettable. You are training the person to smile when they see you.

You give the person a big tip, then you point at what they did was exceptional by saying, “Because you gave me great (from Step Two), I am giving you a big tip.”

Step Five: Repeat – Three Times – the Word, ‘BECAUSE.’

We often feel overworked and underpaid, and we forget to stop and smell the roses. Restaurant and hotel staff members are taken for granted. Tired, bedraggled travelers enter the hotel – business travelers, after a long day of frustrating work, return – and they expect good service but fail to be polite. They forget that we share the world together. What you give to people is returned. We are going to be treated the way we treat people. We get back what we give.

Make the person you chose from Step One feel special by saying “because” many times – and at least three times.

Say, I am tipping you big because you are great at (X).

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Andy Graham … somewhere far away from the USA today.

Meliá Cohiba Hotel in Havana Cuba, Andres Hidalgo, staff of visited this Hotel.