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Please Accept that Airlines Make Money on Luggage

2012, there is no such thing as free luggage, the airlines are not to be trusted. is the champion, I hear many people scream,
"I will never fly again."

Another person arrived from the USA yesterday; he paid 170 USD one-way, and another 150 for luggage. I am getting bored with listening to people, the number of people angry at is staggering.

Luggage Budget

Please Budget 150 Dollars for Your Airline Luggage One-Way

If one of your friends ask,
"How much does a plane ticket cost?"

I suppose you could point them to, then say,
"Add 300 USD to the price quoted for luggage."

Then, if they are buying a one-way plane ticket, reduce it down to 150, and they will say,
"You was wrong I only paid 80."

And you can relax, knowing people are happy enough when they pay less than what you advised. There is an interesting thing about luggage fees, for some odd reasons, the majority of people ignore, or believe the luggage rules do not apply to them.

But they do...


Andy Graham



Depending where I am going and what my main activities may be I will fly very unencumbard. If neccessary I will buy whatever I need where I am at. In general it will be cheaper than paying outrageous luggage fees. If it costs more I would rather give my money to an "honest", local business than the airlines.
I would buy basically the cheapest items that fit my needs and discard before departing back on the rip off airline.

I wonder if anyone else has a better idea and if they have one for forcing the airlines to back off their extra fees?
I thought that maybe the world? LOL! could get together and boycott the schmucks but then I realize that wouldn't stop them as they will just raise their fares to cover it.
Obviously the government won't stop them and neither will business that travels as they just write it all off.

So I will use my method for now.


I learned to travel lightly when I was in the Marine Corps. learned how to do without except for absolute neccessities.
1st time I went to Europe my ex wife insisted on a couple of big suitcases which of course I gave in to. We got as far as Munich after a week and she finally agreed it was ridiculous watching all the young kids with backpacks. Bought 1 large for me 1 medium for her and threw away what we didn't need.
Had a great trip after that.

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