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Carry On Luggage

Carry On Luggage - The rules of Carry-On Luggage for Airlines entrap travelers.

Carry-On Luggage Size

The rules have changed, as of 2011 you need to buy smaller carry-on luggage, 80-90 percent of the carry-on luggage that has been allowed for years, or really tolerated will no longer be acceptable. These rules have become so onerous and complicated, that the only sensible thing for a long-term traveler or backpacker to do is check their bag.

Carry-on Luggage is for Business Travelers, the airline industry has started to see luggage as great source of extra income.

As a Professional Traveler I have accepted, I must always check one bag, and it has become to complicated to check two bags. I still carry a computer bag, now I must employ some truly tricky ways to carry enough gear for long-term travel.

Eric a very studious reader, has done some research that merits everyone attention.

The purpose was to know the lowest common denominators worldwide in the hopes of never being denied because of bag size. Because of this, height, width and depth dimensions were all arrived at independently.

H: 48 cm 18.90 in
W: 34 cm 13.39 in
D: 20 cm 07.88 in

19 x 13 x 8 inches or 48 x 34 x 20 Centimeters. (Andy inserted)

As for weight limitations, I came up with the following:

5 kg 11.02 lbs (a few)
6 kg 13.22 lbs (several)
7 kg 15.43 lbs (common)

I am using presently a 22 x 14 x 9 standard, however 22 x 14 x 8 would be more conservative. I have soft bags; I can stuff the bag into an area that does not allow hard luggage.

This number is conservative, but 19 x 13 x 8 inches, I doubt that this is enforced much, however it could be, the funny aspect is the majority of Airlines Pilots and Airline Attendants violate all this rules and carry too many bags too boot, not good examples for passengers.

Carry-On Luggage Size

Phil J

When a good deal is not a good deal. I very recently flew from Guatemala City to Los Ageles on Spirit Airways. The flight is via Fort Lauderdale in Florida. First big surprise. I had to pay $74.00 in us dollars for each of my two checked bags. Second big surprise. No in flight meals. But they did offer a $2.00 muffin if I used my visa card to buy it. With the bank charge that would be a five dollar muffin. No thanks. Well if no meals why did you let me select diabetic meal on my ticket. What does a diabetic do if he has no credit card. Just go into a coma and die. Talk about a third world night mare.
Surprise three. The head stewardess got mad at me and would not do anything for me. And she smirked at me and just shrugged her shoulders. Boy is she going to be surprised when I call her big boss Tuesday and ruin his morning coffee. So much for No Spirit Airlines.
United or American would have been much better. No baggage charge on a foreign flight, and a free meal. TACCA would have been excellent choice but no seats for the day I wanted. The moral of that story is put in your jewelers loop and check the fine print. And if the airline gibberish is deliberately so confusing you cannot understand it just say next and go to the next airline. I will never, ever, ever fly Dispirited Airways again. I will either walk or swim or not go.
Spirit Airlines has no spirit at all. I will add that the flight crew from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles was good. They were 180 degrees out from the first air crew. But, with the sneaky charges they sneak in, they are not a good deal. Better deals with a standard carrier. Especially TACCA.

Phil J

Spirit Airlines. My two checked bags were small. One was a carry on size with wheels and weighed 35 pounds. The other was a small soft side carry bag which weighed 38 pounds. Neither bag should have had a charge for checked bags on a foreign flight. So I asked the lady at the Spirit Airlines check in counter at Guatemala City what I was supposed to do for clothes and stuff for a month if no checked bags.
She said other travelers stay for a month with just their carry on and lap top. Well then, why are your aircrews taking as much as 6 bags with them for a max of overnight layover in Guatemala City for aircrew rest? One of the pilots walked by with 6 bags. All on a cart. I was so totally shocked that I darned near fainted. LOL
So no more Good Deals that are too good to be true. NO SPIRIT AIRLINES, NO MEALS, NO BAGGAGE AND NO ticket for me, thank you.

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