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Carry On Luggage

Carry On Luggage - The rules of Carry-On Luggage for Airlines entrap travelers.

Carry-On Luggage Size

The rules have changed, as of 2011 you need to buy smaller carry-on luggage, 80-90 percent of the carry-on luggage that has been allowed for years, or really tolerated will no longer be acceptable. These rules have become so onerous and complicated, that the only sensible thing for a long-term traveler or backpacker to do is check their bag.

Carry-on Luggage is for Business Travelers, the airline industry has started to see luggage as great source of extra income.

As a Professional Traveler I have accepted, I must always check one bag, and it has become to complicated to check two bags. I still carry a computer bag, now I must employ some truly tricky ways to carry enough gear for long-term travel.

Eric a very studious reader, has done some research that merits everyone attention.

The purpose was to know the lowest common denominators worldwide in the hopes of never being denied because of bag size. Because of this, height, width and depth dimensions were all arrived at independently.

H: 48 cm 18.90 in
W: 34 cm 13.39 in
D: 20 cm 07.88 in

19 x 13 x 8 inches or 48 x 34 x 20 Centimeters. (Andy inserted)

As for weight limitations, I came up with the following:

5 kg 11.02 lbs (a few)
6 kg 13.22 lbs (several)
7 kg 15.43 lbs (common)

I am using presently a 22 x 14 x 9 standard, however 22 x 14 x 8 would be more conservative. I have soft bags; I can stuff the bag into an area that does not allow hard luggage.

This number is conservative, but 19 x 13 x 8 inches, I doubt that this is enforced much, however it could be, the funny aspect is the majority of Airlines Pilots and Airline Attendants violate all this rules and carry too many bags too boot, not good examples for passengers.

Carry-On Luggage Size

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