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Whether to Date Islamic or Christian Girls

Love is good, but intermarriage is almost a taboo.

Thu, 7 Mar 2013 05:42:03

Whether to Date Islamic or Christian Girls

Lovers, and friends are demanding, they truly refuse to allow me to be me, the world demands I join the soap opera. Often friends talk down at me, it feels so petty. People have insane pride in Nation, Religion, Color and Creed, it is annoying. They all want to me to join the tribe, and never intermarry; you are free to think as you want, but not really do it.

I am not sure if white men and women in the USA know it, but black girls hair breaks, or falls out after 4-5 inches. And, I suspect the American black girls hide this distressing genetic difference. If a black girl uses heavy duty amounts of crème, the hair grows longer, but only with 5-10 times more money, and work than a white girl. American black girls have the money to do this, while in many poorer countries, they just accept they do not have hair, and where wigs, or weave hair onto the short hair. Often girls wear scarves which make them appear Islamic.

Islamic Dating

My Attraction for Islamic Girls
My friend Marc came from Togo to visit for two weeks. Yesterday a girl walked into the buvette where we were drinking Youki sodas. She had smooth skin, white teeth, and a scarf on her hair, a long blue dress; he looked at me and said,
“You like Mussleman girls.”

This was a statement, not a question, after spending two weeks talking and walking around town we know which type of girls the other likes.

I was proud of myself, I never thought about it, I hope I am opened minded about the type of girls that attract my eye. But, after a little introspection, Marc is correct, I am more attracted to Muslim girls, here, than the Christian ones, which would surely put the scare of Christ into my mothers head, aagh… Nope, I will not go to Hell for dating an Islamic girl, but it is possible I could have the Kingdom of Hell here on earth for doing so.

Me a Christian Dating Islamic Girls

West Africa black girls cannot grow hair, so they wear scarves on their heads. The Christian and the Islamic girls both cover their bald heads with scarves, one needs to pay attention closely to know their religion, to recognize the religious tribe.

This is not a heavy duty Islamic area, so only on Islamic Friday does it become more obvious they are Islamic. Christians stick out on Sundays, and Islamic girls stick out on Fridays, and if you was hyper - (I was about to type in the word racists, but it is not racism.) Then you would care, I do not care.

Racism is irrational; there are many rational reasons to not like color, religions, creed, or marital status. Personally, I do not date divorced girls, I do not date failed marriages, it is judgmental, and nothing is more judgmental than love. It is personal preference on steroid, it is taking sides, it is petty, the ultimate pettiness, all the other people that different in the end, are not acceptable as lover, only friends, but not that true of friend.

Religious Tribes
As best I know, everyone on the planet joins a religious tribe, I know, because I have trouble remembering to respect my Christian tribe. I just do not care, and often it is awkward, when the girls or whites chastise me.
“She is Islamic.”
“She is Black.”

I have to think, what the hell does that mean, I do not talk code? Oh, that means,
“Andy, you are Christian, you cannot marry an Islamic.”
I often say,
“If she don’t tell, I won’t tell.”

My friends will say,
“She is Black.”

Again, I will not tell, if you do not tell, please do not tell the girl she is Black, maybe she is unaware. Whites can be annoying in their petty remarks, they try to not be racist, and I always know they are racist, when I am gawking at a black girl. But, generally blacks are now more racist than whites. I always laugh when they have Black Pride Day, and say,
“Tomorrow is White Pride day.”

Racism is fun crap, everyone make broad stereotypical generalizations about Germans, French, Swiss, Africans, Thais and Japanese and all the other labels that separate us for logical reasons. We all live in separate countries because in the end, we do not like to have inter-tribal marriages, it can cause war.

There is a constant encouragement by people I meet to travel to Europe, the underlying message is,
“The people there are MORE ok.”
“More acceptable.”

Fun stuff and I have yet to meet any person on planet earth that does not have some irrational prejudices, revealed by offhand comments. It is all a sense of superiority, than runs amok.

Hey, the Islamic girl was drinking beer, and I was not, what is up with that?

Hmm, I can date Islamic girls here.