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The Taboo of Talking About Buying a Wife

Wife can be purchased in any culture, it is an open contract that you will pay to enforce every day of your life, for a long as you live.

Sat, 16 Feb 2013 00:13:10

The Taboo of Talking about Buying a Wife

The rich man gets the girl, and the beautiful girl gets to marry a rich man, this is the story line in all Soap Operas on planet earth.

I want to write about what is offensive, please do not be angry, insulted, or closed minded. Negotiating to marry should be openly discussed; I believe a Father and Mother need to instruct their sons and daughters on how to purchase a wife or husband.

Just say to them, it is expensive to get married,
“Do you understand the cost?”

I can buy a wife, I am 100 percent sure that is possible in all countries on the planet, including the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia, I did not stutter, I mean all countries.

Buy a wife

Please read carefully, I did not say, I can purchase you, or your sister, or just any girl, I mean, there is a girl for sale in all countries. There is always a family that will high pressure a girl into marrying me for the money, if the money is high enough, big enough, I am glad I am not a billionaire, they would be knockng my door down to sell their daughter to me.

Men, say this as a quip,
“You always pay for it.”
Meaning that all women are in the final, just paid for, purchased, rented for love, it is not an if, it is the price of the purchase, you will in the end pay for it.

I find it funny, the men who say this the most, are the ones men who then refuse to talk about how much they paid for their wife. It is these men who live in denial all all truth.

I have never married, I have no children, and so what do I know, maybe too much, maybe too little? I think there is little benefit for me to marry, I do not want a hostage.

I have talked with hundreds of men about this, they buy boom boom girl in Thailand, or the Philippines, 99 percent of men there, marry a girl that sold herself in the clubs, and these men refuse to discuss how they negotiated the purchase to marry.

Or more correctly, how they just leaped into a marriage, without a care in the world about how much it cost, just kept paying as much as was requested, and are still paying.

It is actually wonderful, grace, and mercy that these men are able to completely forget, forgive and wipe away all memories of how they met, and only focus on the future, and to never discuss the price they paid, and continue to pay.

It is not Taboo to buy a wife, it is Taboo to talk about how to buy a wife. And, today, I am violating this Taboo; I want to explain a little about this custom, about how to buy a wife?

Please, to keep this simple, one must read each word I am typing in a fuzzy sense, we are not strictly buying a wife, one does not go the market, pick out a wife, and pay the price; it is all clouded in gray, dusty water colored fogs.

What is Taboo?

I would say, Taboo first means,
“We do not talk about it.”

Wikepedia uses these words,
"Consecrated, inviolable, forbidden, unclean or cursed".

Yes, I would say, these words could be used, when talking or discussing openly of culture, the custom, the intimate inner workings, they are all fuzzy, all is lost in the haze. Why, because that which is Taboo, is not talked about by respectable people.

Enforcement of Culture
One does not learn the rules or customs of a culture by reading; it is not possible to read all the fuzzy rules of a culture. One learns the rules by bouncing off of them, by either violating a custom, a generally accepted tradition, and having somebody, or even the legal system, punish you, shame you, and it is dangerous to break Taboos.

Writing about how to purchase a girl is Taboo; the oldest business on the planet is ignored by people. Yet, every movie, book, story, and headline, and for sure Soap Operas are permeated with the underlying story,
“The rich man gets the girl.”

When I was in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I worked for a concrete construction crew, and a very wise old black man we called “Papa,” would give excellent business advice,
“Andy, there are two thing that always sells, that is booze and broads.”

He was telling me about recession proof businesses. Any business associated with booze or broads can always make money in any economic climate.

Facebook is funded by dating sites; it is one of the companies’ primary forms of income.

I guess I will not go into the intimacies of how to buy a wife, but maybe I can open the discussion up a little.

There are money benefits of getting married; I am going to write about this from a male perspective.

1. The family stops paying for the daughter.

2. The daughter can stop feeling guilty for being a financial burden to the Mother and Father.

3. The girl can feel there is money enough for her to have a baby; she can afford to not work long enough to have a child.

If you as a man make the offer big enough, the money big enough, the benefits of marrying you great enough, even the biggest nerd on the planet can find a beautiful, naïve wife, whose parents will shove, and push their daughter into marrying you. And generally she wants to that is the funny part, she really wants all the money, wealth and social status, she is not forced into this situation contrary to all crap you read, hear, or believe, it is a free and clear purchase, all parties are willing and happy in 99 percent of cases.

I will stop there…

What is the unspoken about, taboo topic is also this:

Women, and men have extramarital love affairs, what I mean is this, adultery is rampant on the planet. This means, that even though they enter into a marriage, they know they can always have an extra lover on the side, to sweeten the way.

I have not married, and daily, I am asked,
“Andy, why are you not married?”

And, I always reply,
“I have not met the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with?”

And it is always baffling to me, the women, the fathers, the girls, everyone around me, all the men, etc. They all say in a round about way, that is not important, just pick out one and agree to marry her, jump into this thing called marriage.

The whole world, all cultures agree, it is the proper thing, we all should marry, even though most fail, it is still the best idea.

Now, I do think the idea of finding a mate is a great concept; someone who stays with me because she wants to, this is romantic, and my idea of love. On the other hand, forcing a girl to stay with me, to have her sign a contract, to get a license, to have her parents happy with the money, to know I have bought a house, a car, and given her social status, well that does seem rather the opposite of true love to me.

I want to promote true love, where the woman is on your side, and defends you against all comers. In the end, it seems a wife should defend me against her parents, her friends, her sisters and brothers, and anybody that wants to interfere.

If my wife is not protecting me, the why am I marrying her?

She must leave all behind, and come with me, with no regrets, but only for richer, and never for poorer.

If you want to have long discussions about the price of marriage, I recommend you go to the Philippines and talk with the soldier boys in Angeles City. Personally, they are creepy, seedy, and I have yet to tolerate being in Angeles city longer than a week.

I am here in West Africa, the Philippines and Thailand gives me the willies, the men are in lust, not in love, and that is not my way of thinking. I can live there for 2-3 months, then want to flee.

I have learned two terms, DHV and DLV, I learned DHV from some truly creepy men, and it is called:

Demonstration of

What a man needs to do, to marry, to purchase a wife, it to prove he is of higher value than other men for her to choose.

To find true love, honest friends, etc, and this is my acronym, I thought it up…

Demonstration of

I think men and women strive to be DHV, and we should actually strive for DLV, have the money, and hide it.

Talking about how to buy a wife is taboo, doing it is normal.

Strive for DLV, it is spirtural, its is the pathway to God.

Contrary to what you think, bringing things into the light is the way, and all this is humourouly funny to me, we live our lives hiding from the truth.

Buying a Wife?