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The Cost of Having a Wife from Poor Countries?

Marriage is a contract, and you need to negotiate contracts, and stop believing that love is the answer to all problems, it may be the problem.

You can buy a wife, or husband for 450 per month.
There is a marriage contract, you need to be aware of the cost, and negotiate in good faith.

The USA is Funny
Only in a America, can you spend 100-200 dollars on taking a woman out for a show and dining, and the women does not feel she owes you anything in return. This lack of quid pro quo is dooming the American family, when one party of a contract feels cheated, they renege on the contract.

There is a war between men and women in the developed world
, for the country in blue below, and the men are giving up the fight, and moving abroad in swarms, searching for a mate.


Low Income Wives


(The cost of a wife in the Grey area is 450 per month.)

Why is this important?
Because 10's of thousands of men are out and about searching the world for a wife because they cannot afford to have one in the USA. Often settling for girls working at night, just to have a wife, any wife.

Men have an illusion they run the planet...

When a man and woman marry, they stop being two people, the union of two incomplete humans erupts into the family, the one that is not to be divided.

With each year that passes it become more painful for me to be single, I have never married, and it is sad. I need a woman to run my life. I need a maid, a mother, and a executive secretary all in one person. I tire of explaining why I have never married, because there is no answer, it just never happened.

Why I am not married? Why I have never married?

Age 56 is old enough to be married a few times... hehehe

I never married, and I do not need a wife ---Why?
Because I can cook better than most girls.
I am more organized than most girls.
I do not need to live in a clean house, and can hire a maid.
Seldom to I meet a girl or man that challenges my thinking, I normally think that all people are slow, too slow to hang around with 24/7.

I want a partner, not someone to make me feel complete, I feel very complete without a wife, but maybe I will buy one.

Generally, as I have observed my many friends marry, have children, and divorce, I feel like I have been watching a silly soap opera for 36 years of my life. I started at age 20 watching, and I have been watching the same channel for 36 years, it is tiresome.

My friends who are divorced, got married for love, and went into their marriages truly believing they were marrying for life. Yet, and I am not capable of empathizing clearly, neither the husband, nor the wife obeyed the the contract. And, I understand, they married for love, and sort of glossed over the contract, until they needed to break their contract, and all of them are angry. Divorced people are often quite angry, they had to pay a lot of money to get rid of their mate, and they say to me,
"Andy, I am never going to get married again."
My subconscious voice says,
"At least not for two years."

They all lie to themselves, they need a wife, or husband, my feeling, my belief is they cannot survive without a partner to share in the pain of survival. They would get lonely, they do not like talking to themselves, they do not even like themselves, the idea of being alone with their thoughts would drive them crazy.

They will truly marry anyone that is that has the minimal requirements, they do not need the maxi mun.

You can buy a wife, or husband

Note, that only in a America, can you spend 100-200 dollars on a date, dinner, dining and a show, and the women does not feel she owes you anything in return. This lack of justice is slowly destroying the family, there must be a feeling that both sides of the contract are getting an fair deal.

How much to buy a wife?

The bargain, or negotiations are roughly the same worldwide. Learn how much girl earns per week, then multiply it by 1.5.  In the USA, if she is earning 300 per week, you need to be able to give the girl 450 U.S.D per week. This is much more than the average man in the USA is willing to pay.

I truly believe, that almost any woman on the planet would be extremely happy with that deal, and would probably never divorce you.

95 Percent of the Planet Earns Less than 10 USD Per Day
- Prichett 2006 - World Bank

10 x 30 days is = 300 USD per month
Equals = 450 per month.

Therefore instead of paying the American, European, Australian, or maybe Japanese or Korean wife 450 per week, you pay 450 per month.

That is my opinion on the cost of keeping a wife, and what a man needs to pay to uphold his side of the marriage contract.

This Song below Neil Young explains what a man needs.

"Neil Young A man needs a maid live 1971."

Phil J

Wow. This is wisdom distilled. I had never really sat down and put marriage in perspective but I totally agree. Marriage is a give and take and a contract. There are expectations from both the husband and wife whether written, implied, or verbalized.
I guess I am the type of person who wants to share life and gets lonely at times when I have no close friend to talk to. I totally agree with the monetary equation. Having traveled outside the united states I agree with the equation. It works.
I personally meet a lot of singles looking for mates overseas. They just gave up on finding a match that worked in the United States.


I have married a Chinese in China. Talk about expensive, she is not and if I wanted to live in China the basic COL is very reasonable. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people are lower middle class to poor even though China is now a huge "capitalistic" country.
What makes the cost of marrying a foreign lady anywhere if you want to bring them back to the US is both expensive and a political pain in the rear.
You and she has to apply for a spousal visa which goes through a mass of paperwork forms and then she eventually must have an interview at a local US Embassy or Consulate.
All of this is costly as the husband has to pay all kinds of money (you can check the cost, etc on line). Many wives are refused an exit/spousal visa the first time so you have to start from scratch all over again incl the fees.
I have now gone through this governmental, idiot exercise in ripping off good tax paying American citizens over 3 year period twice. Yes it takes anywhere from 9 to 10 months (if you marry the right country up to 2, 3 even 4 years.
Of course part of the cost has been my traveling a total of 3 R/Ts to China and I still have to pay her way here when (if) she is finally given her visa end of this month, Aug. We both believe she will this time.

If you want to live in their country it's obviously much cheaper if not do your homework (I thought I had but did not realize the Consulate lets some idiot, egocentric government lackey play god and make personal decisions on who does and who does not get the visas the 1st time). Also there is no review, appeal available, you start all over.
There is a lot more to this but choose a wife from an acceptable U S friendly country for quicker results if you wish to have her with you in the US.
Women in this and other western nations are very spoiled and I have no problem with them wanting equality in the work force but I do have a problem wanting to be the overall boss in a marriage.


Rich: I have lived in both Asia and Europe for long periods. Had both a Japanese and German wife over the years. I've managed to travel a lot and I do think it depends on the economic and sometimes educational and ages basis of both idividuals.
generally the poorer, less educated females are ready to go anywhere else if they think (don't always really know as many still think if you can travel and stay in hotels, rent cars you're reasonably well to do compared to them)).
Except for Japan and some Korean the average Asian female even when decently educated, from a good family i still wanting to leave due to the Asian male dominant factor in their countries (and there are still many in Japan and Korea as well).
Also the US still, I think or at least number2 or 3), has the largest immigration numbers in the world which says foreig want to come to the "land with streets paved with gold" L O L hey.
As for their families they do expect to go and visit them often and/or have them all visit here, again because you have so much money, ha, ha.
I have laid out ALL the basic "rules" to my new wife that that is not going to happen. She may visit every 3/4 years and they can do so on their Yuan/Dollar or not.
The basic, average Asian other than Japan and So.Korea work for less than $10/$12 a day, 6/7 days a week incl overtime.
Their countries are somewhat where the US was prior to after our great depression. A lot of super wealthy and less than a few dollars a day pay for everyone else. Yet people managed to live, have a roof and food and so do they today.

Phil J

Rich, you might consider living in the Philippines. It was a former US colony and they teach English in the public schools and the universities. And they love and respect the United States. And we still have a substantial US military presence here.
I like the Philippines a lot because the people are so happy and easy to get to know. And for the retired US military people, we have a full service VA and also a fleet post office.
But I also like Panajachel Guatemala where Andy is now.


I married a wonderful bubbly Cuban woman 3 years ago and she has point blank refused to come to Canada. She is ready anytime to accompany me to Africa ! I am going back to live the rest of my days on this planet in peace and tranquilty on the beach in Africa with my wife ! Good Luck to all in this search for Love ans Companions.

Phil J

Hi Bill. Hello Lorna. I wish you both god speed and all the best. I had the pleasure of meeting you in the townhouse in Manila several times. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And, wonder of wonders, I am at a point where I can finally travel to Casa Camilla and see the famous Boracay Beaches.
I agree with you about your observation about maybe after a decade or the continued decline in economies that the cost of a wife might become more reasonable in some countries.
I am looking at living in Spain for awhile also. I understand that it can be a nice very reasonably priced place to visit, maybe for an extended stay.
I have a special place in my heart for the Philippines because I was in the navy and spent so much time in Subic Bay and on Luzon. So I just consider it an added bonus that you can find a happy, warm hearted, caring, and sincere filipina to be your wife here in the Philippines.
Do take care and I hope we meet again.

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