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Test Questions to Find a Nice West African Girlfriend

These are questions you need to ask yourself, before you enter into a long-term love affair, with the idea of marring an West African woman.

Mon, 28 Jan 2013 22:32:52

Many men come to West Africa, countries like Ghana, Togo, Benin or Senegal and think,
"The woman are all the same as home."

There is a problem, West Africa has the normal market economy. However, as a bonus, people offer or request gifts. this is a "gift economy." And, even though they call it "gifts," or "cadeau" in French, it really is often just a "barter economy,"

Yes, this is confusing, but many men offer women a gift, if they come visit, and after years this custom has become expected. And, the beautiful and clever girls learn how to earn money by having sex with people they like. They are not selling their bodies, it is mixed up with them asking for gifts, and 90 percent of the time, the woman wants money.

Many girls support themselves, or augment their work money by having many lovers.

These test question are to help you ferret out the girls who have gone pro, over the line, doing it too much, really not to be trusted.

1. Is she on the Internet regularly?
Ask here for her Facebook.com page, talk about Badoo.com and see if she knows what you mean? Although this, and many social networks can be harmless, many girls are working 2-10 men. If she contacted you, she is working the networks. Ask her for her e-mail, and name, and search for her Internet precense. 

2. Doe she have a job? - Coiffure?
- The girl should have a normal job that she goes to daily, many girls in West Africa have plenty of money, but no job, this is sign of problems.

3. Doe she have money, but no job?
- If the girl has money, rides in taxis, but has no normal job, then there is a problem. Maybe she is in University and her family helps her, but if not, she is probably living off cadeaus.

4. Can she explain how to collect Western Union Money?
The normal, average girl is not going to receive money, therefore will not know clearly how to do this.

5. Does she live with both here mother and father?
- It is the custom to live with your parents until married, when you step outside that custom, there needs to be a good reason. 

6. Doe she ask for a gift, or cadeau?
- The nice girl is has some shame in asking for a gift. 

7. Does she expect a gift or cadeau?
A gift is normal, but to demand or expect one is a question mark. 

8. Check her cell phone.
- If you pick up her cell phone, read the text message, you will quickly know what she is doing.

9. Is the girl over 25, and not married?
- Women in Africa normally marry before age 21, but many delay, or cannot find a mate because they are to promicious. 

10. Ask her to show you photos of her.
- If there are sex photos, she is advertising on web site, posting her photos to attract men.

11. Does she have boom boom girl clothes?
- Does she have exceptional sexy clothing, not under, but outer clothing, abnormally sexy clothing etc.

12.. Ask her if she knows any White or Foreigners.
- The more she know, the worst the situation. 

13. Does she speak English?
Speaking English means they talk a lot with foreigners. 

14. Does she have a motorcycle?
Girls that have motorcycles, who are young, maybe 18-25 and have motorcycles are often getting many Cadeaus, they are making a lot of money with love.

15. Does she only flash you, but never pays for the call?
Flashing is when the phone rings one time, then the person who received the flash is suppose to call back. It is away for the poor person to avoid paying. The problem is this, the girls can do it 10 times per day, just to improve social status by saying the "White guy" called. A real relationship requires an investment from both sides.

16. Does she turn off the phone when she enters your room?
This means she receives many calls from boyfriends, or in a way paying customers. If you call her, and the phone is off, she is also with another person. 

17. Does she cell phone flash you? Then you call immediately and the phone is busy?
She is going through her inventory of numbers, trying to find a gift man for the night. 

18. Does your new girl friend enter the room, then start to make phone calls?
This is disrepect, and lack of sharing in the same goal, and if the girl spend her time looking for entertainment by calling someone else, she neither loves you, or wants you. Many girls from poor countries see spending time with a rich person as work, what they need to do in exchange for benefits.

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