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My African Girlfriend is Happy Today - Love

It sure feels good to make another person happy, and sometimes we need to prove we love each other.

Tue, 11 Sep 2012 01:06:43

I am going back to Africa, to see Bah my Ivory Coast girlfriend. Upon leaving Africa, Bah gave me strict orders, I am supposed to return with an Emerald ring. She gave me this cheap plastic ring her size, and it is amazing how much power that little plastic ring has over me...

I hope to be in Ghana by the end of November, beginning of December 2012, it looks like I will spend Christmas in Africa, what a great thought.

Happy Ring

My life is clumsy, and I hope everyone else's life is clumsy, what I mean is all the best things in my life happens when I bump into things and fall down. Never has my strong moments brought me happiness, it is only in weakness that is the celebration of my life. I hear many people say tough comments like,
"No woman is ever going to tell me what to do."
That type of comment makes me wince, and I am glad.

Bah carrying water

I have no desire to show you good photos of Bah, the ones that would make here look beautiful. In many ways, I think she wants to hide, she wants to stay out of the view of passersby, she is a simple girl, with a scary ability to make me jump.

I love this photo, and she knows why too, it was like this, in this relationship, I am somewhat the voice of reason, and she is the voice of power. I suggested to her we buy a big bag of purified water to carry back to the Cocoville Hotel in Elubo, Ghana.

She looked at me as if to say,
"OK Andre, pick it up and carry it."
So I grabbed the bag of water and loaded it onto her head African style, and like the big strong girl she is, she accepted I won, and carried it, so I took the photo of my small terms of endearment victory.

The End of Tough Talk for Me

I have accomplished nothing in my life by being tough with people.


Bah hugged

Egg Sandwhich

Bah cooking me an egg sandwich in the worst possible conditions, nothing was going right, and everything was perfect. There was no running water in the hotel at the the Elubo, Ghana / Noe, Cote d'Ivoire border, I carried buckets to the room, I will never forget the Cocoville Hotel. It was a faded glory Hotel, built on the river, with balconies, garden areas, it was luxury Hotel that fell down in way too many clumsy ways.

It was vital and real, I love my clumsy life.

Life is Good, Andy Graham

Bah with Mabel
Bah carrying water
Bah is Happy