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Minimum Education Requirement For Girls To Date

When dating girls from under-developed countries you may wish to think about a way to know what is acceptable to you for education.

Mon, 29 Nov 2010 08:18:35

I have entered into many small relationships with women from all over the planet. If you are looking to have a fruitful and fulfilling relationship with a women than maybe you need to think about education levels.

My list of ways to decide if they are educated enough to date.
--- Note, this can be difficult to know when communicating in a foreign language.

1. Doe the girl have an e-mail address?

2. Can the girl read?

3. The job she is working at will tell a story of education.

4. Does she have a cellphone and can she text you?

Intelligent Woman

This Cote d'Ivoire women was extremely intelligent, I tried to have an assisted conversation by using Systran translator. She was not able to spell or read fast enough to communicate this way.

She spoke French very well, not just the local language, but knowledge of the world was limited to a third grade speed or reading. She owned her own shop that braided or wove hair.

Minimum Education Requirement For Girls To Date