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Marriage is a Necessity Not a Want

Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one.

Mon, 17 Sep 2012 03:41:49

I am single, and I never married, at age 56 I believe married people are happier than single people. Today, I have elevated marriage from a want, to a need, and that is radical change in my belief system.

Happily Married

(Happily Married)

Maria, a friend in Guatemala said,
"Ellos falta un tornillo?"

And, I am happy to learn it means about the same in English.
"They got a screw lose."

I often take inventory of my friends, and try to loosen the grip of friends with screws lose; the ones that have never-ending list of problems.

Married people generally are delusionally happy, while I can almost guarantee that 90 percent of the single people have a screw loose. Therefore, I will conclude,
"Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one."

Nothing better than an introspective morning over a cup of coffee.

I am proud of my friends who got married, and I am not sure what to do with the pile of divorced friends? I want to be personable, diplomatic, and honest, with good intentions, and wise enough to choose the correct words. I want my no's to be no, and my yes's to be yes, but when not sure I want to stop using absolute adjectives, which for sure is one of my bad habits.

Absolute Adjectives,

Screws Loose Meter

I guess after all that noise, I should get married, even if there is not 100 percent proof it works. (oops) To be prudent, it feels as if all my single friends are going crazy, and I have no plans to follow them.

Marriage is tolerance, and an acceptance that people have the right to be different while single friends seem rather intolerant. Marriage is necessary or I will probably go insane along with my other nutty friends.

Now, I suppose it is possible to be married to a job, etc.

Screw Loose Meter
Marriage is a Necessity