Love Finding Love

How to find female lovers abroad? How to find Love, or how to meet them traveling the planet. Love, the who, when, where, why, what and how.

The greatest of all motivations is Love.

'Making Relationships Work' by Doctors. John and Julie Gottman --- Marriage ---

In four videos, Drs. Gottman wisely explain winning and losing, respect and contempt in relationships, with profound examples we all can understand.

100 Percent Guaranteed Way To Meet Women

Love and friends are easy enough to find, if you walk, and are inside a target rich environment.

20 Traits Of Good Friends And Lovers - Love

This is our collection of traits, behaviors, signs we are in relationship of friendship, and love. Please help this list to grow, because friends and love is often what defines out life, who we are, was, and will become.

A Love Song --- Chop My Money By P Square - Love

This is a love song, that is trending in 2013, love West African style.

Age Filter Adjusted When Filipinos Entered Hostel - Love

I am laughing at myself, I am bias, I judge different cultures with very different standards, the world is not age sensitive, but is emotional sensitive, the USA is arbitrary.

Bait to Use, When Fishing For Compatible Lovers, and Friends? by Andy Lee Graham

We can throw out bait for lovers, and friends. Lean how to bait, tempt people to become a friend, and maybe a lover is an art.

Best Countries To Meet Nice Girls and Avoid Prostitutes

If you where to go any where in the world for a couple of weeks where would you find the nicest girls that are not full on prostitutes?

Come Meet And You Can Pay Date

While traveling in underdeveloped countries you will be invited to come meet with a girl, when you arrive there will often be a group.

Dating Girls Outside Of Neighborhood

Dating Girls uutside Of Neighborhood is often better than dating girls from the immediate neighborhood where everyone can see and know.

DHV - Demonstration of Higher Value - Love

Demonstration of Higher Value to a potential mate or sexual partner.

Dystopia, We Are Defined By Our Vision Of The Future - Love

Do you know the word dystopia? I felt a little naive the other day as a young attractive woman in the Dash-In coffee shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana used this word. She was talking about utopia, and dystopia.

Eat Pray Love Film Is Great - Now Tell Me How

We watched the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, a great film. We loved it, but a couple of years later, we still do not EAT, PRAY, or Love. Why not, what is wrong?

Endogamy is the Word of the Day if you Want to Find Love or Marry Outside the USA

Is it possible to find love in Philippines, Thailand or Dominican Republic or are you just buying a companion?

GFE The Girlfriend Experience

Gfe The Girlfriend Experience - Love

Girls from Poor Countries Will Never Stop Calling - Love

If you have a girlfriend from a poorer country like teh Philippines or Ghana they may never stop calling, if you give them money, it may never stop.

How to Meet a Ghana Girl by Shaking Her Hand

There is a handshaking ritual in Ghana and most of West Africa, if you realize what is happening you can communicate you want to know the girl better.

How to Officiate a Marriage Ceremony

A friend asked me to officiate his marriage ceremony in Austin, Texas on October 21, 2012, therefore today, October 14th, I became an ordained Minister.

I am Surrounded by People in the Dominican Republic Searching for Love

Here in Sosua, Dominican Republic they give money for love, it seems like a good way to prove you love someone, money can buy love.

I Dream My Wife Is Motorcycle Mechanic

I want a wife. I want one that can overhaul a motorcycle motor, install a new door on the bathroom, and replace the hard-drive on our desktop computer. I want, and deserve it all.

I Want Saved By A Woman - Love

Love it. There is nothing that scares a man more, then the fear that a woman will control their lives. Being that 90 percent of men lose the battle of the sexes, it stands to reason, they should be afraid.

Love and Budget Mission Creep

It is hard to be in love, when you spend too much money.

Love Finding Love

How to find female lovers abroad? How to find Love, or how to meet them traveling the planet. Love, the who, when, where, why, what and how.

Love How Long Does It Take To Relight a Candle?

It takes as long as it takes, but we must leave the comfort, we must make travel into the the light of day, and leave those angry people in our wake.


This love blog is no about "Lust." However, the best way to find love is to know the difference between love, infatuation and lust.

Marriage is a Necessity Not a Want

Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one.

Marriage Might Remove My Smile

I do not want to take out a mortgage on my smile...

Minimum Education Requirement For Girls To Date

When dating girls from under-developed countries you may wish to think about a way to know what is acceptable to you for education.

My 7 Days Of Flirting - Love

My 7 Days of Flirting - How to be in the right place, at the right time?

My African Girlfriend is Happy Today - Love

It sure feels good to make another person happy, and sometimes we need to prove we love each other.

Oversupply of Older Women Called Cougars on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala - Love

There is an oversupply of available single women between the ages of 40 and 65 from the USA or Europe on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Signs a Girl Likes You

Signs a Girl Likes You - Love

Stop Asking for Telephone Numbers Hand Her Your Phone

Stop asking girls for their telephone number, use non-verbal communication, hand the girl your cellphone and she will add her number into contacts.

Stuffed Animals Is Easy Gift For New Lovers

The girl says, buy me a gift, you are a foreigner, the quick and easy gift is a stuffed animal.

Test Questions to Find a Nice West African Girlfriend

These are questions you need to ask yourself, before you enter into a long-term love affair, with the idea of marring an West African woman.

The Beauty Secrets of Travelers

Your daughter left home as princess and returned home from volunteering abroad as an ugly frog. How do expert travelers stay young and beautiful?

The Cost of Having a Wife from Poor Countries?

Marriage is a contract, and you need to negotiate contracts, and stop believing that love is the answer to all problems, it may be the problem.

The Passion For Life --- Colpo Di Fulmine - Love

Colpo Di Fulmine, if I do all the work, then there is no passion, no love...

The Taboo of Talking About Buying a Wife

Wife can be purchased in any culture, it is an open contract that you will pay to enforce every day of your life, for a long as you live.

To Be Loved, Then Referred Is My Dream

I continually recommend a YouTube channel called “Charisma on Command,” This recommendation is called a referral, and people who are referred by others always have money, women, friends pretty much we have everything we want in life.

Trifecta Of Meeting Lovers, Wives, Husbands

1 - Coffee shops, the 1 in 20. 2 - Health Clubs, the 1 in 10. 3 - Bars, the 1 in 50. A man working at the Dash-In coffee shop asked me, why have you never married? I always meet new women, but not my soul mate.

Tu Me Manques, -- I Will Meet Fast USA Girls

When I call a girl a woman, it feels like I am insulting them, saying, “You are old.” I never say, “My Lady,” that is what the men in Thailand, and the Philippines call their Boom Boom girlfriends. Yes, I will meet great USA girls soon.

Universal Human Mating Sequence

Universal Human Mating Sequence, the step by step process that universally happens when two humans are lead to mate.

Whether to Date Islamic or Christian Girls

Love is good, but intermarriage is almost a taboo.

Wonderful Number 9, The Girl Gave Me High Sign - Love

I am hoping for "Wonderful Number 9" in all interactions, except for beggars, etc. etc. -- And, I expect a hello from Hobo Travelers.

How to Meet Girls while Traveling


I suppose one of the best reasons to travel is to find a wife or husband. Finding a mate, or companion to share your life is normal, please try to look at courtship and finding love as a normal need of humans. I am amazed at the numbers of people that believe my interest in women is bad, or I should hide this, I do not hide normal feelings.

This is very sad, love is normal, the idea that I should not put this as a high priority in my life is sad.

Family, friends, love, companionship is priority number one.

I am writing this form the perspective of a man who loves women, however, most the information can be replied for women who want men.

There is classy or aristocratic girls in all levels of incomes, some very poor girls and girls with zero manners can be very classy people. They may have never learned proper manners however; they do know how to treat people with respect.


List of ways to meet girls traveling:

1. Internet Cafe
2. Any form of transportation.
3. Common area of Hostel.
4. Friend of a friend.
5. Universities of the World or living close
6. Get email and meet later
7. Movies in English and girl does not speak English.
8. Internet Exchange services
9. Exchange Emails then meet later.
10. Tell couples you want to meet a nice girl.
11. Same restaurant every day.
12. Beach, put your blanket close to girls.
13. Sit in the park
14. Give the card of hotel to girl.
15. Say hello in English.
16. Airport lounge, Bus Lounge,
17. Receptionist at hotel can fix you up.
18. Say hello, pretend you are best friends with everyone.
19. Yoga class
20. Language classes.
21. Volunteer.
22. In Dorm Rooms.
23. Television room.
24. In kitchen in Hotel.
25. Tours
26. Groups of women come up to talk, the quiet one.
27. Have them take a picture of you in front of a tourist attraction.
28. Take their photo and then email them.
29. Asked them to take your photo.
30. Go to their nest.
31. German Girls - Be very direct, say what you want.
32. Language School
33. Teach English
34. Be more interesting.
35. Learn to ignore reject
36. Meet more women.
38. Say come, here with a down pull of hands.
39. Girls asking you to buy something for them is a type of flirting in under-developed countries.

1. Family, Mother, Father.
2. Friendly to children and dogs.
3. Cooks, cleans, helps.
4. Respects the local culture.

If I stay longer do I increase my chances of meeting girls?

What type of girl.



1. Divorced parents.
2. Chatting on internet
3. Shy or a snob, know the difference.
4. Manners
5. Likes dog better than people.
6. Starts telling you about how bad your country is immediately.
7. Too veggie, too volunteer, too searching for God, too save the planet.
8. Where do you live?

1. Stays up in bar every night until 5 am.
2. Talks about drugs or alcohol all the time.
3. Will not do something during the day hours.
4. Does not want to introduce you to parents.
5. Worry if the chat too much on the internet.
6. Do not return emails.
7. Manners, look for manners.
8 Excessive tattoos, piercing, skin.
9. Intolerance of religion, people. or declares or labels
themselves. I am veggie, I am different., I am atheist, I am different.
10. Mad at parents or business.
11. Obsessive
12. Divorced versus widowed.


1. Where do you live.
2. Are you married?
3. Family and parents.
4. Exchange of emails, or telephone.
5. No push and push.
6. Are they nice to the waiter.

1. Your address.
2. You telephone, email.
3. Same place, same time.
4. Get on the bus, sit outside or have bag on chair until a pretty girl enters,
then open the seat.

1. Lock your valuables in the closet.
2. Lock your valuables in backpack,then chain to chair.

1. Hello.
2. Ask you to do something.
3. Sharing.
4. The wave.
5. Following you.
6. Preening themselves
7. Ignoring
8. Stares
9. More than 8 point hello.
10. Where do you live?

1. Buy me a drink.
2. Buy me something.
3. Too much for taxi.
4. No place to stay.
5. Need money.
6. Contra the culture dressing.
7. Tourist bars.
8. They have no job and walk around in the area of foreigner hotels.

- Completed Massage - Indonesia
- Erotic Massage - Poland
- Boom Boom - Thailand
- Jiggy Jiggy - Indonesia
- Bar Girl - Philippines
- Freelance -
- Lady -
- Geisha
- Courtesans

- Erotic Poland
- Complete Massage - Indonesia
- Massage with happy surprise - Bali Indonesia

“A person searching for a Bridge out of the country, not any country, must be a number one country.”

Normally USA, England or Australia, maybe Germany.


The owner got a kick when I said,
There are night girls and day girls.

Day girls are nice girls and night girls are floozies.


Argentines love Americans
Cubas love Americans
Israel girls love American however you probably will bounce off religion.




Latinas will always introduce to family.
Asias will almost never introduce to family.
India, impossible to meet girls unless divorced or lower caste.
Hindu - Have it arranged.



is the Girl Educated enough?
1. Does she have an e-mail?
2. Where does she work?




WEST AFRICA - Easy to meet, difficult to avoid


- Cote d'Ivoire
- Ghana
- Togo
- Benin

- While traveling in the CHRISTIAN belt of West Africa, not the Islamic.

How to Avoid girls?
1. Tell them you will not take or help their mother, father and friends go to America.
2. Tell them you have five girls to marry already.
3. Tell them you like to have many girlfriends, and like to boom boom them all. (This is what they have now, and they know the white man is different for the most part, so they want a White Man, describe yourself as the same as a local man.(
4. Tell them you never return to America and will live here in Africa, not a sure way.
5. Be rude, never say hello, go to only the tourist menu restaurants.

1. You have a girlfriend, if she wants to wash your clothes.
2. The problem is to know if the girl is a prostitute.
3. The excuse to not have sex is menstruation.
4. Walking around the village in West Africa with you means the girl likes you.

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Beads on waist, the culture of West Africa.
Love is in the Air

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