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How to Officiate a Marriage Ceremony

A friend asked me to officiate his marriage ceremony in Austin, Texas on October 21, 2012, therefore today, October 14th, I became an ordained Minister.

Sun, 14 Oct 2012 04:56:05



I am Andy Graham from Orland, Indiana, a citizen of the United States of America. My occupation is CEO of, and a writer, and on unfortunate days I can be called a travel writer.

Today, I became an ordained Christian Minister - October 14, 2012 so that I can officiate or marry my friend in Austin, Texas on October 21, 2012. I will fly to Austin, Texas on the 17th of October, then fly to Thailand on the 22-23rd of the month.


Ordained Online

A few months ago, a friend of mine wrote an e-mail asking if I would officiate his wedding in Austin, Texas. My first thought, and action was to call him and ask him,
"Did I understand you right? Do you want me to marry you, and your fiancée?"

He replied,

And my eventual response was,
"OK, this is your wedding, I will do anything you want, you just tell me what you need me to do, and I will help in any way possible."

This delayed my trip to Thailand, Africa, and that is OK.

I have been hanging around closer to Austin, Texas, and trying to not wander too much money-for-airfare away. He wrote me when I was in the Northern Hemisphere, so all long trips have been put on hold. When the wedding is finished, I will fly to Thailand, then onto Ghana, Africa.

I met him traveling, and we have been friends now for many years. During our friendship, he finished undergraduate University, and now has completely finished with Medical School, Internship, and he is now a Doctor.

It is an honor to officiate this wedding, I am fortunate that my friend asked me to be involved in his wedding, it is a sure signs of long-term friendship in today's world.

Four Weddings and Four Friends

I have been talking on the phone often the last few months, and I am glad is free to use to make International phone calls. Well, there are four people in my life, four friends who discussed with to me their plans to get married here in the year 2012. Two of them are now married, and that is good, I am glad those two are finished, and on October 21, 2012 the third of the four will be married. 2012, has been a busy year for my friends, I believe they all know what they are doing.

Avoiding a Marriage until the day it is completed.

I have become aware that my four friends have no desire to talk about getting married, they appear to see it as a jump of faith, that is my opinion, and not theirs.

My best question has been,
"Can you imagine her not being in your life?"
"Do you want to live without her?"

They all agree, they cannot imagine living apart, they all see the woman as part of their life, not something separated. Then again, I tend to say,
"You stop becoming two, and become one, it is a partnership."

The 100 Percent Commitment Problem

If there is a problem with marriage, it is the absolute commitment that is made in the minds of people. They all say on one day in their life, we are 100 percent committed, until death do us part. If they break this vow in the future it does great harm to them, their minds will never be the same, divorce is a tragedy.

OK, so "How to Officiate a Marriage Ceremony?"

I was waiting for a long and involved complicated e-mail instructing me on how to gain the legal ability to marry people. This e-mail never came, and time is a wasting, I called my friend to yesterday to say,
"I think we better do this."

Yesterday, I told my friend on the phone,
"OK, I will get this done, do not worry, I will figure it out."

Reading on the Internet about officiating a wedding.

Therefore, for the last four hours, I have been trying to understand what I need to do to become an ordained Christian minister on-line. It appears to simple, but the more I think about it, the more I realize, it is the wedding license that is the legal binding contract. These two people are entering into a legal contract, and they will say wedding vows. It it not clear to me, but maybe they could enter into the contract, without saying the vows.

List of High Priority Issues

1. The Internet sites that can ordain me?

2. I need a computer with a printer, to print out the credentials of ordination.
- I am in Orland, Indiana, so can use my parents computer with a printer.
- I also download PDFPrimo so I can print a PDF file to send to my friend, or hold in my yahoo box if needed:

3. I need to discover if I need to register with the county clerk in Texas, therefore I need to know the county where Austin, Texas is located. I think it is Travis county...

Articles written about how to officiate a wedding ceremony:
Who to trust? I decided this page on the Wall Street Journal site was as close to trustworthy as possible on the Internet. It explains how to get ordained, and some of the issues.

Links to pages where you can get ordained on line:
After reading it appears that these four sites will ordain me for free, and I think, I hope instantaneously.

Finished - I am ordained.  Second Try - GOOD! - This was my second try, and they sent me a confirmation that I was ordained by e-mail. I then paid with to have them send credential in 2-7 business days. 20 USD..?   First - Not good, I cannot find any authorized credentials, I paid 14 USD to have credentials sent to Austin, Texas - They do not say how long to receive them, I think it is 14 plus days. - Did not try. - Did not try.

Laws of Austin, Texas:

I suppose a person needs to pray for sanity after all of that.

Thank the good Gods.

Andy Graham - Ordained Minister

Ordained Online October 14, 2012