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How to Meet a Ghana Girl by Shaking Her Hand

There is a handshaking ritual in Ghana and most of West Africa, if you realize what is happening you can communicate you want to know the girl better.

Wed, 5 Jan 2011 05:17:10

This is Fifi, from Mampong, he agreed to allow me take his photo in the Video City Hotel.

Dirty Hand Shake

This is a complicated mating ritual, and all the body language is difficult for me to interpret, this is West African culture.

What happens?

Normally, the man calls a women over to him, by just saying, "Come." The women can also do the "Come" command.

The two meet, often in the center of a road, the man or women shake hands, not in a macho, I am strong you are weak way, they start to hold hands. If the handshake is quick, this means this is just a two friends meeting.

However, how the two people hold hands is important, maybe the man is massaging her wrist or holding tight, the longer you hold the hand, the more you want to say,
"I like you."

Then if you want to be sexy, you can take one finger and tickle her palm, this more or less says,
"I want to have sex with you."

This occurs in many cultures, and take care if you the girls rubs your palm and you do not pull away, you can be saying, I want you to follow me.

The "Come" part is more aggressive and is not a question and you should study.

How to Meet a Ghana Girl by Shaking Her Hand