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Bait to Use, When Fishing For Compatible Lovers, and Friends? by Andy Lee Graham

We can throw out bait for lovers, and friends. Lean how to bait, tempt people to become a friend, and maybe a lover is an art.

Tue, 28 Jan 2020 02:07:03

"Will Homer Simpson always catch a fish?"


We can get better at fishing for friends, lovers; if we learn from experience, what works and what does not. Presently, I am in the village of Panajachel, Guatemala, on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, truly one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet, with as close to perfect climates possible. There is no need for air conditioning, or furnaces, it is close to paradise I have found, in the 22 years of non-stop travel, and 112 countries.

That is, it is a paradise for health, economical living, fresh food, but most of all, maybe the greatest place on the planet to avoid winter cold, or dreary summer heat. At 5,000 feet in the tropics, the temperature is always right around 73 degrees fahrenheit. 

Am I happy, ecstatic about the weather, the climate, after 2-3 months living here, where it is endless spring; every other place if unbearably cold, or hot. 

What does this have to with lovers?

I have been to over 1,000 cities in 22 years of non-stop travel, and I found one paradise climate, it was by accident. I have been out, and about, wandering the planet, and serendipitous fate, luck, allowed me to recognize Lake Atitlan as endless spring climate.

Here on Lake Atitlan, at age 64, I seldom, almost never find one fish, one lover, I am not even tempted to throw out bait for girls, it almost seems helpless for me, it is not, I continue to throw out bait, the truth is, I see almost zero girls that interest me, either at a beauty, personality, or intelligence level, I am personally in the desert for love. Yet, I am always in the ocean, when finding friends, there are endless numbers of friends anywhere to be found.

Throwing out bait for love, and friends.

  1. Smile at people, knowing the will ignore you.

  2. Walk towards people, even though they will run away.

  3. Sit around in groups of people, and allow them to mock you.

  4. Open a conversation with everyone, fully aware that 99 percent will not be your friend, or lover.

What is bait for lovers?

Laughter, smiles, and friendly banter. What is the worst way to find true love, and intimacy? Money, big houses, and big cars; that is bait to find people who live money, big houses, and cars.We will always get tired of a big house, a big car, and money.

Do you get bored with your best friends, and lovers?

I have 100’s of friends, and please, don’t live an illusion, I do not 100 percent trust any of my friends, they are all human, and prone to lies, and sins, put in the wrong situation, and out pops the devils head, there is no perfect humans.

What is my bait for lovers?

Popcorn is always a good one, offer them popcorn.

Ask them to go to Taco Bell?

Saying to them,
“Wow, you are gorgeous.”

A big smile, sadly, for American girls, European girls, this annoys them, so keep on smiling, annoy them with happy smiles.

Any bait works for lovers.

If they want to be caught.

Please brush your teeth, take a shower, and learn to smile, the world is a good place.

There is always the right girl, man, lover for everyone.

Keep fishing, throw out bait, and have patience.


A good fisherman knows to find good bait, spend every day of your life trying to be good bait, for friends, and lovers, and you will never feel alone, sad, or in need.

And, yes, when I was 21, I was super bait for women, at age 64, I must fish longer, try harder, and expect to fail. The days of girls following me home is over, but I do believe in love at first sight.

Marriage is a great thing, as Dave says on the HT Talk Wall.
“Happy wife, happy life.”

Today, I will make myself into the best bait possible for lovers, and friends, but from experience I know, when too few fish, maybe time to move onto a better lake, pond.

Please don’t use money, houses, and cars for bait, be a person worth loving. 

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham
Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Panajachel, Guatemala, Lake Atitlan

Please note, if I was 24, I would be over at San Pedro throwing out bait, it is a heaven for those fishing for 20-30 year old women.

Smile at every human, and demand, expect smiles back; when they don’t smile back, be grateful you did not catch that fish.