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Endogamy is the Word of the Day if you Want to Find Love or Marry Outside the USA

Is it possible to find love in Philippines, Thailand or Dominican Republic or are you just buying a companion?

Fri, 2 Dec 2011 01:09:01


Love Abroad is a Tragic Comedy:
American men do not listen to women! Girls only want the mans money! The games being played are enigmatically hilarious, yet incredibly tragic.

This is people watching at its best, this is a "Reality Soap Opera."

The Problem: Many cultures do not intermarry, if you want to marry a girl abroad, you need to learn if the culture is endogamous?

Example: It would be very difficult in my home state of Indiana to marry and Amish girl. I could marry her easy enough, my family or social groups would not have a problem, unless she persisted to wear the clothing, but her family would shun or push her out of the "Amish," culture, however you make the rules to define that.

Thailand? The culture does not want the Thai Girls to talk with foreigners, when they do, they call them names and treat them badly.

This is the proof that men never listen, which is one of the tragic comedies being played out in Thailand on a countrywide scale as thousands of men marry women never knowing the truth.

Why do I know? I had a Thai girlfriend for years, she had a master in Pharmacy and was highly intelligent woman, she now has her own Pharmacy. She has no desire to leave Thailand, she honors her culture.

She invited me to go to another city so we could talk...

She refused to walk near me, unless we was surrounded by foreigners, when in a an all Thai area of Thailand she treats me like I am some stranger. I often allow her to walk way in front of me.

However, the underlying problems grew with the years, her mother did not know i existed, and still does not. While my mother e-mails and talks with her, and in many ways, I know she loves her mother very much. It is possible for her to be completely ostracized from the family if her mother knew of me.

This is the possible tragedies.

Ripping a girl from their social group is not an act of kindness, it is a tragedy; the comedy is all the thousands of men walking around as if they are the king of knowledge in Thailand, and totally unaware of what the Thai girls deals with to be with him, but as they say, "No Money, no Honey."

Sosua Dominican Republic Love Soap Opera

Sosua is full of men buying women, it has one of the highest percentage of boom boom girls per square mile on planet earth.

YET, the men still find court the women as if they were going to marry them, they pay them, and they treat them like girlfriends.  I am surrounded by beautiful girls from all over the country that I refuse to date. Halfway marry, and generally try to avoid because of they are what I call "Cling Ons."

I have to admit, I enjoy watching how men court women, I do not like Soap Operas because they are to melodramatic and in many ways addictive. The writers are brilliant, they truly show the interplay of human emotions.

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Study the word "Endogamy" and you will enjoy the find.

What is Sosua, Dominican do they intermarry with Americans?
I am still clueless to know?
I have lived about 5-6 months of my life in Sosua, and I do not know if this culture intermarry with the Gringos. I see it, but when an boom boom girl marries a man here, that is an aberrant cultural behavior. As best I can tell, the local non-boom boom girls ignore me completely, unless they want money. Plus, they are Latinas, natural born liars, they will mimic what they think I want to hear, because to offend would stop the money, I am talking about nice girls now, the culture wants my money, they do not care much how they get it, by hook or crook, just give it up, I am dollar bill walking.

Endogamy Defined: Endogamy is the practice of marrying within a specific ethnic group, class, or social group, rejecting others on such basis as being unsuitable for marriage or other close personal relationships. A Greek Orthodox Christian endogamist, for example, would require that a marriage be only with another Greek Orthodox Christian.   Endogamy is common in many cultures and ethnic groups. Several ethnic religious groups are traditionally more endogamous, although sometimes with the added dimension of requiring marital religious conversion. This permits an exogamous marriage, as the convert, by accepting the partner's religion, becomes accepted within the endogamous rules. Certain groups, such as Orthodox Jews, have practiced endogamy as an inherent part of their religious beliefs and traditions. Roman Catholics traditionally practiced religious endogamy as well.

Exogamy Defined: Exogamy is a social arrangement where marriage is allowed only outside of a social group. The social groups define the scope and extent of exogamy, and the rules and enforcement mechanisms that ensure its continuity. In social studies, exogamy is viewed as a combination of two related aspects: biological and cultural. Biological exogamy is marriage of non blood-related beings, regulated by forms of incest law. A form of exogamy is a dual exogamy, in which two groups engage in continual wife exchange. Cultural exogamy is the marrying outside of a specific cultural group. The opposite of exogamy is endogamy, a marriage within a social group. 

Homogamy Defined: Homogamy is marriage between individuals who are, in some culturally important way, similar to each other. Homogamy may be based on socio-economic status, class, gender, ethnicity, or religion. It is a form of assortative mating.   It can also refer to the socialization customs of a particular group; such that people who are similar in religion, class, gender, or culture tend to socialize with one another.   Homogamy has been suggested as a term for same-sex marriage or other union, and heterogamy as a term for marriage or union between people of different sexes.

Endogamy is the Word of the Day if you Want to Find Love or Marry Outside the USA