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Eat Pray Love Film Is Great - Now Tell Me How

We watched the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, a great film. We loved it, but a couple of years later, we still do not EAT, PRAY, or Love. Why not, what is wrong?

Mon, 23 Sep 2013 03:00:33

One of my best girl pickup lines is:

“Everyone needs a playground ... and someone to play with.”

And DAMNIT, don't get angry at me because I want love! I’ve got to open the conversation somehow, and honesty works. We all need an opener, a way to open doors.

The girls always fall for that quote, or more correctly, when they look in my eyes, they suddenly stop and know me, Andy, for one second. He is not just talking, they think, he means it, he really wants to play. And if we can push on through and find an intimate moment, we talk, and the girl is mine.

EAt Pray Love is a Failed Dream

Bah in Ivory Coast

I was going to get married a year ago in Ivory Coast to Bah. She is, and always will be, a love of my life. One year later, though, no marriage, no children, no happy life with Bah, and it still comes down to why. I ask myself why, why, why, what the hell went wrong?

All I wanted out of life was to play … to eat, pray, and love with the girl.

I told her: “I will give you anything, any world you want, if you just relax and play with me, have fun.”

Why, Why, Why??? Why do we lose love?

We each need to choose a playground; then, we invite people to come play. We all need someone to share time with, to eat, pray, and love with. But how do we do this, when in the end, we all just jump up and down on our playground and turn it into a shopping mall because we want money. We can all go play, but one (or both) of the people want to make money.

Bah made tons of plans about what she needed from life. I need to play, have fun. I said, I have what I need, when is it time to play? She had her family, sister, mother, father and everyone tell me what I needed to give, but nobody was allowing me to enjoy life, as if business was more important than eating, praying and loving life.

Today, I Blocked a Girl on Skype and Unfriended Her on Facebook.

There is very clever girl I met here in Sosua. She is cute, smart and too clever for her own good. We connected on Facebook, we connected on Skype, and we connected when she came to visit.

She enjoyed me pursuing her and put me on Facebook and Skype. She chatted at me, to make sure I was here waiting. Today, I stopped waiting and blocked her on Skype and unfriended her on Facebook, just stopped with no goodbyes, no adios.

Solution - How to Eat, Love and Pray?

We each need to make requests:

– Please, let us go eat together.

– Please, let us go love together.

– Please, let us go pray together.

When people say, "I am too busy," believe them.

Burn your bridges, sell your dream to the neighbors, and move on down the road.

Amazing thing about life: There are millions of great playgrounds; however, when we arrive there, everyone is at work, too busy trying to earn enough money to go the playground. Yet the playgrounds of life are free; the only cost is time, but somehow we are convinced that we need to have money to give love and to receive love.

Well, when you hear an excuse, when you offer to your to friend, “let’s go eat, pray or love,” then listen quietly, eat their excuses, pray to never see them again, and go find person that has time for love.

Andy Graham ... leading a life less normal, a life worth living.

Eat Pray Love Film