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Come Meet And You Can Pay Date

While traveling in underdeveloped countries you will be invited to come meet with a girl, when you arrive there will often be a group.

Sun, 5 Dec 2010 10:37:22

There is Western Culture, and there is the other, while traveling you need to be careful when meeting people. If for example you ask a girl to meet you at your hotel for a drink, do not be surprised when she brings along a few friends.

This is a true story that just happened in Lome, Togo:

I had been sick, I had Malaria, therefore I when walking home from a small shop I decided I would sit down in front of a store and rest. While sitting there, a couple of girls walked by carrying drinks, I thought it was a ginger drink, which is hard to find, and stopped and asked, she said,
"It is medicine."

But the two girls said it was Ginger medicine, this is some form of homemade Africa stuff, and I purchase a bottle for 500 CFA, the asking price was 1500 CFA, I paid to much.

Well, the two girls one Togolese, and the other Ghanaian wanted my "USA" telephone number. I gave it to them, I have never had one call it, so I was not worried, after 12 years, I know this is just some dream idea.

Next the Ghana girl took my phone and flashed herself, so she had my number, I immediately logged it in as "Chris Medicine." I then know to not answer or answer for kicks. It was dark when I met her, I could not recognize her it I saw her walking down the street.

She called, texted, and sort of said, why did you not call? I just ignored, know she did not know where I lived, so just an anonymous type call in a way.

Today, she texted me and said to meet here at Golden Beach, I thought to myself,
"A pay the ticket meeting."

This is maybe a small drinking spot on the beach, they serve snacks, a very nice place to meet, but not at night.

Anyway I could do this, I would lose, the only white guy at a big beach bar with a few girls he does not know, I do not speak French well enough to control the situation.

I went to the Restaurant Al Mahata and enjoyed my meal.

You may think this is crazy, but after you have paid for a few groups around the planet to eat, you will see this is common sense. The solution is to find a way to meet the girl alone, or even go to her house and take her somewhere, but dating a group is not the way to meet a girl.

Come Meet And You Can Pay Date