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Best Countries To Meet Nice Girls and Avoid Prostitutes

If you where to go any where in the world for a couple of weeks where would you find the nicest girls that are not full on prostitutes?

Mon, 6 Dec 2010 01:35:10

A man wrote me and asked,
"If you where to go any where in the world for a couple of weeks where would you find the nicest girls that are not full on prostitutes?"

There is no simple answer, because there are men that are young and very handsome that could enter a European countries and hook up with many girls easily.

Let me explain this, in the majority of countries,  girls dating foreigners will be called sluts by their friends and family if seen. While in countries like Thailand or Philippines there are men walking around with girls everywhere, the majority of these girls are bar girls who do not care what the people say, a nice girl is not going to walk around with you in Thailand or the Philippines.

So to me, the question is this, which country will nice girls walk around with foreigners?

Then to make it simpler, which countries are girls excited to meet a man from a the Western countries of the USA, England, Europe, Australia and New Zealand regardless of age or looks.

The absolute simplest country I know of to meet nice girls that will walk around with you is:

Togo, West Africa, then maybe Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire or Benin.

In South America it would be Colombia or maybe Peru, but some problems in Peru, I think in many ways Mexico could be on this list.

I am told that countries around Romania area of East Europe can be simple or the Stan countries below Russia.

Not simple, I hope to one day make a list of countries and have friends explain the pros and cons for specific country.

Please watch this movie that truly explains the situation:

The World of Suzie Wong

Best Countries To Meet Nice Girls And Avoid Prostitutes

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