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I am laughing at myself, I am bias, I judge different cultures with very different standards, the world is not age sensitive, but is emotional sensitive, the USA is arbitrary.

 Bakit Hindi

Age Filter Adjusted When Filipinos Entered Hostel

Antoine said,
“She a small girl.”
I replied,
“But she is 35 years old.”
- Conversation with my Togo, West African friend in Kpalime, Togo

5 Filipino girls, and 3 boys entered the Patio Hostel, maybe around 22-25 years of age, not sure, but they are now living in Italy, running as a Tagalog speaking pack here in Bratislava, Slovakia. However, I have not heard a word of Italian.

Bakit Hindi

West Africans understand emotional age, 10-100 times better than Western Cultures, like USA, Canada, and Europe. After spending way too much time in Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, West Africa, I agree, I comply, I accept, I utilize this Africa age meter. You are either big, or small, regardless of age. My friend Antoine was saying the 35 year old woman in West Africa was a small girl, she is not a woman, she is not emotionally old enough to be called an adult, and deal with men as an adult.

Funny part, I watch the American news people, and often catch myself talking to myself, labeling them. Under my breath I say,
“Small boy.”
“Small girl.”

When a person says a preposterous, silly comment, they are weak minded, small minded, there is no need to be grant adult status. We can listen to them as if they are a 5 year old, with patience, tolerance, and happiness. Probably there is money to be made by listening to childish comments, of these small boys, small girls that work on CNN, MSNBC, never saw one on RT News, or BBC, used to see them on ABC, but think they cleaned house. Nonetheless, when baby babble makes money, people will babble.

Well, so what is up with the Filipinos girls here in this Slovakia, Hostel? Well, one is for sure a big girl, and she knows it, but generally the boys androgynous, maybe metro-sexual in USA slang terms, many easy to ignore, except for the one.

What astounded me, I actually woke up when the big girl entered the room, she had a presence not to be ignored. And, I will still lobby for American High Schools, and Universities to have classes in Charisma, and how to have a personality… Or better yet--- Ignore 101, How to ignore small?

I have different filters:
- Age
- Bullshit
- Weaving Spiders

Travel in Europe, the USA is painful, I am continually talking with full size people with the emotional age of small people.

Bakit Hindi

The all just checked out, the big girl said,

When a big person enters a room, they announce they arrived without a word being said, I suppose this means less talk.

Your new friend,
Andy Lee Graham
July 5, 2018
Bratislava, Slovakia in the Patio Hostel

Thu, 5 Jul 2018 02:40:50

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